Saturday, June 6, 2009

A crow calls

this poem was inspired by Shadow's post Possession

I happen to like crows and I also happen to like reading up on mythology, cultural, and religious histories. For those who don't know, a crow in some Native American cultures is considered a blessing or good omen, not a bad one as is thought by so many.

A Crow Calls

Shivering and hazy thoughts
that encompass the world of
dreams broken and lives pushed
to the edge of sanity's line.
A crow calls and beckons thee,
telling you to remember
the sweetness of bitter memories,
of goals worth pursuing that took flight,
when you stopped in fear of the thunder
that rolled in your heart and the lightning
that beat through your veins.
The crow calls once again,
bleeding its voice through the haze,
seeping down in your soul,
to lift you up and remember what it was,
you came to do.
Uncomprehending, shaking in pain,
the fog barely lifts enough for understanding
in the nakedness of your soul stripped bare
from a trust you had given
in a way you didn't know you could do.
And when at last you begin to hear
A crow calls
to give way to one solitary feathered wing
lifting up your chin to say,

"Love. Love is all you have to do."


Shadow said...

oh, i love it!!!! truly. and i've never had a bad feeling about crows. owls neither, come to mention it, we had one living in our tree for a while, and bad luck it certainly didn't bring...

Rikkij said...

I like crows too! we have a bunch of them and it's something to watch them war with the hawks. They're quite smart. Owls are spookier. some believe an omen of death if one passes before you as they carry the spirit to the next life. least that's what i've heard. You really sound like you're doing well and i loved your poem. allof it! ~rick

Rebekah Cadman said...

I loved when you wrote 'the lightening that beats through your veins'. Loved it.

I quite like crows and owls. I think I'm fascinated with things associated with darkness. Beauty in the ugly or frightening. Maybe an over-share - I apologise.

Spellbound said...

I love the crows that make their living along the interstate. You never see one that has been hit by a car because they are to smart. How amazing is it that a group of crows is called "a murder of crows"?

findingmywingsinlife said...

Glad you liked it. You know,This is the first I've heard of owls being spooky. I've never heard of any lore about owls that goes either way. You've piqued my interest, so now I'll have to do a bit of research and see what I can dig up!

It seems we all have a fondness for crows doesn't it? And quite truthfully, I'm only doing as well as I allow myself too. I'll manage just fine, I always do in spite of things. Glad you liked the poem as well.

Rebekah Cadman,
Not an overshare, don't worry about it. I agree with you though that there is often beauty in places, people, or things that most others don't think to look for it or choose not to see it.

I've often wondered about that phrase myself..brings on a few different meanings depending on how you look at it.