Thursday, June 18, 2009

At home with the Kids

Tonight I watched my two youngest kids dance like silly people to their cd they love to listen to. My youngest daughter would twirl around and around, and then as she got dizzy from it all- she excitedly declared that it was the world that was moving around her, she's 2.

I held my oldest daughter, who is closing in on 10 years old in a few months, in my arms for a good 10-15 minutes to reassure her that she is loved.

And I wrestled on the floor with my 4 year old son like I was 4 years old right along with him. After we were done, I laid on my back and lifted him with my feet, allowing him spread his arms and legs out in mid air to declare to me that he was "Peter Pan".

Its nights like these that leave your heart feeling like maybe, just maybe you're doing something right with your kids. I sure hope so, believe me I sure hope so.


Syd said...

It sounds like the kids are enjoying things. I can picture the Peter Pan thing.

Marinela said...

It sounds you had a lot of fun :):):)

Brosreview said...

Ha! Sweet!

Rikkij said...

April-if it's not right, it's close enough. sounds wonderful! ~rick

Spellbound said...

You are and you're doing it without a blueprint.

Shadow said...

that is just the right thing to be doing with your kids....

Natalie said...

Beautiful, April! I didn't realise they were so little.Love them BIG!!!!xx♥

findingmywingsinlife said...

Yes the kids and I were having a good time together. The Peter Pan thing is sort of a family tradition. I did it with my oldest when she was that little and now I do it with the two youngest.

Welcome! And yes I think I did have a lot of fun with them.

You know it! I don't often get one on one time with them.

Thanks my friend, good to hear that.

I think everyone who has kids has to do it without blueprints, last I knew kids just don't come with their own instruction manuals- same thing with relationships, they don't come with instructions either.

Thanks for that!

Only the two youngest are that "little". My soon to be 10yr old has an intelligence and sometimes the attitude of a 16 or 17 year old. She's my biggest worry sometimes. And loving them was never a problem, they each are beautiful beings full of their own antics.