Friday, May 8, 2009

Recharging this Brain of mine

I have just finished reading the book "The Gypsy Morph" by Terry Brooks. It was a great book to read, as his work always is for me. I am a lover of fantasy fiction works and this has been his latest release that I haven't been able to digest yet, at least until now. It took me a couple of days to read it, since I am only able to read for a few hours at night.

I will have to go back and read each of his books in the "beginning of story to end of story" fashion. You see the Gypsy Morph is part of a trilogy series of his that is a prequel to his other well known works, and they were quite fascinating. If you like a good fiction book to whisk you away to another world, then by all means take my advice and start reading his stuff. Start with anyone of them you find interesting, eventually you'll find yourself looking up the prequels, sequels, and whatever else he has come up with in this world he has created.

The other book that I've just started to read is one of the most fascinating and I assume will be a controversial text, once people understand just how much research and truth lay in its core. It is called "The Betrayal: The lost life of Jesus" by Kathleen O'Neal Gear and W. Micheal Gear. They are authors of whom I greatly respect and love many of their books. This is the first time they've tried to tackle this sort of subject and the work, research, archealogical, and historical knowledge that has been used to construct this novel is astounding and astute.

I'm enjoying the read thoroughly, it is thought provoking and very interesting. I will, however, let you decide for yourselves what you think of it should you choose to read it.

And that's it for me for now, I'm tired and still working on some projects of mine so I'm going to try to finish those up, read a chapter or two in the betrayal, and head off to bed.


Breeze said...

That second one sounds fascinating...

Shadow said...

have a happy (reading) weekend!

Rikkij said...

A book and a weekend. What a marv combo!~rick

Anonymous said...

I am severely saddened to hear that some of you are reading this book and that those of you who are not are interested in doing so. I hope with all my heart that none of you believe the nonsense in this text.
While the Gears wrote this book in the pretense of it being a fictional account of the life of Christ the underlying motives are greatly disturbing. This book is more than a fictionalized account of the life of Jesus because it much like that of Dan Brown’s “The DaVinci Code” by denying the divinity of Christ. This is pure blasphemy!
Christ is the son of God, born of the Virgin Mary!
This book is disgusting in it’s portrayal of the Risen Christ, his divinity and perfect nature making him nothing more than a mockery. This book is full of inaccuracies and deceiving footnotes BASED on actual historical documents but not following the context or truths within them. I am APPALLED at your fascination and amusement by reading such malicious lies. May you all see the light of Christ and of the Truth.

findingmywingsinlife said...


Rarely do I ever reprimand anyone who chooses to voice their opinion, as we all have that right. However,You have your beliefs and I have mine-as do my readers, please be respectful enough to remember that when commenting on my page.

Further, I firmly believe that if you are going to stand by your own faith, you should do so with your own name attached, rather than hiding from it.

And for me-Dear Lord, forgive me, for I have just gotten extremely angry at a person who needs your love more than most, help me to love them with all I have and may their mind see beyond what they have known- as was taught by Jesus himself.