Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Reaching up for those Dreams while looking back at where I've been

I am an aspiring writer.

For those of you who don't know I've been working on a fiction novel that I've entitled "Kipleyarren", it is the first of a series of seven I plan to do. I've posted several of the beginning chapters of it on here before, so feel free to check them out here.

Yesterday I was able to add yet another chapter to it. At first I was disheartened by how painfully slow it seems to take me to write..but my creativity constantly has new ideas and that is why it takes me so long to write, I tend to think out in my head what I want before I put it on paper.

There were other marvelous things that I accomplished yesterday as well. First I made another entry on M.IV of which I polished up this morning and it is now posted with the title "Who was I to Think I could do this, be a Mother without Wings?"

Secondly, I have a wonderful brainstorming list of other book ideas that I have had floating around in my brain that is now written down on paper! I will continue working on those as I have time, so far there are 12 book ideas, including Kipleyarren and the other six I plan, as well as my Memoir (obviously non-fiction) called "The Wing Seeker" of which you each have been getting the raw, unedited and unrevised previews of on M.IV. (Although, to be honest I don't really know if very many people have been reading those since I am not the blog owner of M.IV and I suspect Clay's followers are ready for his writings again rather than mine. But I cannot make decisions for anyone but myself, so like you, I too am waiting patiently for his writings again.)

After all of that, I went for a long bike ride (my seat had to be duck taped back together- see future post for the picture and explanation of that one). And then to top off the night, I took my best friend Triana out to dinner to celebrate her 29th birthday (that is today), please visit her blog to wish her a happy birthday! PLEASE BE ADVISED: her content is a little different than my blog is, due to a difference in personality, read at your own risk- but I tell you, you'll probably laugh your --- off at her craziness!


Shadow said...

busy, content, creative, that's the good life.

findingmywingsinlife said...

Busy and creative yes, but contentment is harder to find some days. And a good life is merely one that's had a few tears shed in it, reminding us all that we're still human.

I read a quote today that said something along the lines of "stars are perfect, but not us, no we were never meant to be" I suppose that's what makes us beautiful don't you think?