Saturday, May 2, 2009

Life Question in A Poem

Wonder what will this life bring,
In the next instances of memories.
Life moves on steadily forward,
with or without our frailties or failings
to remind us what it is that we learn
And I always wonder to myself,
How many of us look back and learn?


Laelah said...

Sometimes life goes so fast that there is no time to look back, when, in actuality, you have all the time in the world to do so. It's just a matter whether you're avoiding something from your past or forsaking it all together.

Though, I'm not sure why many would do that.

Shadow said...

too few... and only when necessary... we should look back more often.

Rikkij said...

Ok, hate to bump heads with Shadow (miss no regrets!) but if I look back on my decisions, my mistakes-I will enter the closet, go fetal position and never move again. Damn the torpedoes! ~rick

pilgrimchick said...

So true--and so very important, too. Reflecting on the past may not keep you from making mistakes in the future, but at least there is a greater chance those won't be the same mistakes repeated.

Silver said...

followed you from Rick's cool corner.

i like what you'd written.

It goes hand in hand with a quote i'd seen from a friend's Face Book- "Life can only be understood backwards but had to be lived forward."

We don't learn our lessons well everytime.. but we do the best we can.


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