Saturday, May 9, 2009


Once I dreamed of me,
sitting on a bench beside a stream
of black pitch road and
buildings tucked together in seam.
I was older, much older
with flowing white hair and gentle dark blue eyes
with faded weather wrinkles of a life soldier.
I was waiting there with a smug smile on my face,
knowing somehow that I was loved
and that I had lived a full life in this place.
I could feel the warmth of knowledge that my children were grown,
it was clear as a sparkling sunshine day and
I knew that we had done what was needed with the seeds we'd sown.
I was waiting for someone, a person second to none
in my eyes at least, who I knew intimately-
a closeness we shared, a oneness still after all the years and then some.
and I knew without a doubt that this would come to pass,
as I dreamed this dream,
I knew that I would soon find my heart's companion at last.


Natalie said...

How beautiful. I hope your companion brings you many blessings and love.
Happy Mother's Day to you, April.xx

Syd said...

Have a good day. Dreams do come true.

Shadow said...

nice dream... happy mother's day!

Rikkij said...

Nice dreams make for good rest. Best wishes~rick

positively present said...

Really beautiful! I loved reading this. :) So glad I came across your blog today...

findingmywingsinlife said...

Thanks! I too hope that when that time comes, those are the things that comes with it.

Thanks as well, and yes I tend to believe the same thing.

Always a pleasure to see you here! Thank you!


Positively present,
Thanks for stopping in! Glad you liked what you saw, hope to see you around again.