Friday, May 29, 2009

Blogger Quotes for Today

I'm feeling the need to pull out some blogger quotes again today. It amazing to me how funny, wise, profound, insightful, or just plain ironic some phrases have stuffed in them; and its even more astounding that very few of us realize just how intelligent we are. Here is to you my friends!

"How can so many people live inside of one? And which one of us is more real than the other?" From Woman in a Window's post (self) LOATHING

"delving deep, into the soul, moments in time, a loss of control, abandoned reality ecstasy claimed coming together never be tamed" From Shadow's post Lose Yourself

"this is the one I am she said, honest true and free, and she slipped into herself one day and let herself just be" From Breeze's post Herself

"I need to take chances, fall on my face, jump in the mud, dance in the sand, walk among wildflowers barefoot, inhale deeply" from Butterfly Dreamer's post I want

"Your a dillema for us Barry," she told me, "We really haven't seen anything quite like you. You're quite unique." from Barry's post Lindsay and the Very Bad Day

"Its a big, small world and you never know what chain reactions you are causing. My advice: Be aware." from Nick's post Its a big, small world.

"ja don't say? I do say! I do!" from Rick's post Eloise Loses it (this post is hilarious I might add)


Syd said...

There are many great writers out there in blogland. Thanks for sharing these great quotes.

Laelah said...

Down with IQ tests. All it takes is a blog, pajamas and a good drink to see how smart your really are...okay, maybe there's a couple of gray areas but no one likes gray areas. :)

Natalie said...

This is a good idea, April! Well done you.
In regard to the blogger group hug - BRING IT ON!xx

Shadow said...

hey! thanks for the mention. i'm astounded daily by the wealth of creativity here in blogland!

Rikkij said...

April-Thanks so much for the unselfish support and shout out. have a great weekend!~rick

Lyn said...

"How can so many people live inside of one?" A multitude, I guess..thanks for doing this!!!