Sunday, May 31, 2009


A dream I thought I had, I dream I thought I knew.
A beautiful voice I heard, A man worth knowing too.
Didn't matter what I would see, didn't matter the looks to me,
But a friend I lost today, because I let myself get in the way.

Flowers grow, words will bloom, a steady soul there is in you.
But whats inside you do not see, there was more than you thought there to be.
I cannot help you know yourself, but the truth somewhere was what I felt.
I cannot help how niave I must've looked, but a fool I would've been not to cross this brook.

Now, I've lost a friend- a loss I know I'll regret. But never would I wish not to have met


I did go for a long walk with my 4 year old son today. There is a trail that goes from one end of town to the other, and so we walked most of it today. Not all is lost with me. I just wish that my inability to comprehend what was being told to me, didn't also mean the loss of a good friend. Sometimes, there are things I just don't understand, but oh how I wish I did.

Its time to get back to working on my novel. I'll see you all tomorrow evening probably. Tears might not go away easily and neither does a friendship, but I realize I just can't make others choices for them, I can only make my own.

I'm choosing to dance, even with the tears, because my soul needs it.

Clarifying for You

I did not drink last night, although I wanted too very, very much so.

There was a lot more transpiring between the communications between the man we know as Clay and myself. It was not the fact he took his blog down that shook me up so badly, it was other things he made a point of letting me know.

I can't honestly tell you what to think of him, because I don't know what to think anymore. But my self confidence is eroded further. I thought I had found a friend worth letting in. And good friends are a rare commodity indeed. Many of you would tell me to let it go, that its not worth my time. I thank you each for your support and friendship, but I can't guarantee that I can let go this time.

Perhaps this is all really my fault in a way, me wanting to believe in something again simply left the door open so to speak. The problem is is that I still have faith in people, in him. Even if maybe I shouldn't.

Soo, I will continue blogging because I am a person of my word, even if others might not be. Please forgive me if I tend to be a bit more sullen, a bit more teary eyed in my writings..this will take time for me to pick up and go again.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Seriously Broken, I think beyond repair this time

I should've kept the bubble space, I'm sorry dear readers- I'm not allowed on M.IV anymore, he removed the damn thing, so no more posting going on there. Oh, I need drinks and lots of them..anyone close by to where I drink some serious vodka?????

Dear lord, this is more than I can take.

Critical Decisions

I've made a lot of critical decisions in the last few months, some I've shared and some I haven't. But one of the most important decisions I've just made is the one about how to go about publishing my books.
I want to self publish, well quite frankly I'm actually more ambitious than that even- I'd rather own my own publishing company, a goal that I've expressed to Clay and Triana many times. But, I'm also a realistic person, or at least I think I am. The capital required for such a start up investment and the marketing efforts, not to mention the contracts with different book store chains that would be neccessary, are more than one or even two people could feasibly make work on a large scale without any prior knowledge or expertise in the area. And let's face it, I tend to dream big, REALLY BIG.
Soooo, the best option after careful researching over the last 6 months or so is to find a literary agent. I assume this is going to be a long process or that maybe my work is not what's marketable right now, but I also know that the worst anyone has ever said to me is NO, and no doesn't neccessarily mean never.
I also must confess, I'm not entirely sure my work is good enough for wide publications. But, I'm determined to try. Writing is all I want to do and I have so many ideas, thoughts, and different book ideas. There is so much creativity floating in me that wants to be put on paper, that I sincerely wish that I could quit my jobs and spend all that time writing- even though I know how slow I can be at it sometimes.
I am constantly thinking about what could be done to improve my novels, what could be tweaked? Is there anything that should really just be thrown out or any major revisions needed to really grab the readers attention?
So, knowing that I don't have the luxury of writing full time, I'm making a conscious effort to spend a little bit of time everyday on my writings- either adding chapters or reworking the ones I have until I feel like I have a solid novel that will be presentable and marketable. 12 book ideas roughly sketched out, partially worked, or halfway finished just isn't good enough ( I do honestly have 2 books nearly complete, but I'm positive I need to make several revisions to them before they are truly ready). I need substance worth presenting.
The bottom line is that if I'm going to tell everyone that pursuing dreams are worth the hard work and effort, then shouldn't I truly get on with pursuing mine as well? Just because I work two jobs or that I have other personal issues going on shouldn't be any excuse, I need to make this happen, besides I want you to be able to own a copy of my work some day since you all seem to think reading my blog is worth your efforts, and for that I truly thank you. Blogging has really helped me in ways even I didn't realize until recently.

I will do this no matter what it takes or how long it takes.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Blogger Quotes for Today

I'm feeling the need to pull out some blogger quotes again today. It amazing to me how funny, wise, profound, insightful, or just plain ironic some phrases have stuffed in them; and its even more astounding that very few of us realize just how intelligent we are. Here is to you my friends!

"How can so many people live inside of one? And which one of us is more real than the other?" From Woman in a Window's post (self) LOATHING

"delving deep, into the soul, moments in time, a loss of control, abandoned reality ecstasy claimed coming together never be tamed" From Shadow's post Lose Yourself

"this is the one I am she said, honest true and free, and she slipped into herself one day and let herself just be" From Breeze's post Herself

"I need to take chances, fall on my face, jump in the mud, dance in the sand, walk among wildflowers barefoot, inhale deeply" from Butterfly Dreamer's post I want

"Your a dillema for us Barry," she told me, "We really haven't seen anything quite like you. You're quite unique." from Barry's post Lindsay and the Very Bad Day

"Its a big, small world and you never know what chain reactions you are causing. My advice: Be aware." from Nick's post Its a big, small world.

"ja don't say? I do say! I do!" from Rick's post Eloise Loses it (this post is hilarious I might add)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The one strength of Humans


That's all I wish for the world to do.

It is our ability to love without conditions (when we allow ourselves to do so) that can be godlike and powerful beyond measure. To love without expectations.

It is what defines the very concept of Hope, Faith, and Humanness- for what they really are and not what we wish them to be.

It is what changes us from existing to living.

It is a strength we have that we rarely use in all its capacity.

And I ask myself this one question, "Do you April?" and the answer I find myself saying is not nearly enough, not nearly enough.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Poem for Today

What Gathers in a Garden

I want a garden,
beautiful creations,
that bloom from the earth's soil.
I wish to see flowers,
grow with my tendings,
and watch as they spring forth to reach the sun.
Such tiny beings they are,
wrapped in seeds of varying shapes and sizes,
covered in a blanket of dark warmth.
The tendrils that awaken,
as their souls outgrow their shells,
take hold of that dark warmth and drink.
And these beautiful beings,
they push forth to meet the glory of the daylight,
the call of sun streaked air.
As each one rises up through its blanket,
the wind brushes past gently in a reminder,
that it will not always be so kind.
And yet, the lovelys persevere and grow,
despite the warnings,
and fullfill heights that men will never know.
Yes, these beautiful creatures in their varied forms,
have such wonder, such voices that still the beating heart-
that one must wonder why so many never see, never listen.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A bit of Confusion it seems..

Fhina, blog author of A Woman of No Importance, recently got mixed up in thinking I was Clay and Clay was me. She meant no harm by it, and I am finding it to be an increasing phenomenon amongst our fellow bloggers to confuse the two of us- even though we live in completely different states (not to mention he is a HE and I am a SHE).

But, that's not the point of this post. The point here is that Fhina gave out a wonderful compliment on her post "Three ages of Man...Or Even the Delta Woman" (its the comments you'll want to read through to get the full scoop on this) to both Clay and I- she said we both write like gorgeous writing angels!

Now what better compliment could anyone ask for??? hmmm??

Reaching up for those Dreams while looking back at where I've been

I am an aspiring writer.

For those of you who don't know I've been working on a fiction novel that I've entitled "Kipleyarren", it is the first of a series of seven I plan to do. I've posted several of the beginning chapters of it on here before, so feel free to check them out here.

Yesterday I was able to add yet another chapter to it. At first I was disheartened by how painfully slow it seems to take me to write..but my creativity constantly has new ideas and that is why it takes me so long to write, I tend to think out in my head what I want before I put it on paper.

There were other marvelous things that I accomplished yesterday as well. First I made another entry on M.IV of which I polished up this morning and it is now posted with the title "Who was I to Think I could do this, be a Mother without Wings?"

Secondly, I have a wonderful brainstorming list of other book ideas that I have had floating around in my brain that is now written down on paper! I will continue working on those as I have time, so far there are 12 book ideas, including Kipleyarren and the other six I plan, as well as my Memoir (obviously non-fiction) called "The Wing Seeker" of which you each have been getting the raw, unedited and unrevised previews of on M.IV. (Although, to be honest I don't really know if very many people have been reading those since I am not the blog owner of M.IV and I suspect Clay's followers are ready for his writings again rather than mine. But I cannot make decisions for anyone but myself, so like you, I too am waiting patiently for his writings again.)

After all of that, I went for a long bike ride (my seat had to be duck taped back together- see future post for the picture and explanation of that one). And then to top off the night, I took my best friend Triana out to dinner to celebrate her 29th birthday (that is today), please visit her blog to wish her a happy birthday! PLEASE BE ADVISED: her content is a little different than my blog is, due to a difference in personality, read at your own risk- but I tell you, you'll probably laugh your --- off at her craziness!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Making the Most of It

Today is a day full of possibilities- if I let it be that way. I may be disheartened, I may find myself discouraged at times, but I know I must continue my work on the stuff of my dreams. I must carry on and remember the phrase "take one day at a time". But I remind myself, one day at a time is only as good as you allow it to be, and it will only take you farther into your goals if you make wise use of the time given at hand.

So that is what I'm doing today. I'm making the most with the time I have.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Live your Dreams

Fhina, blog author of A Woman of No Importance, posted about dreams today. She was referring to our aspirations, our desires of things we wish to do or see or become. Below is my comment to her about such things:

"I am a firm believer that dreams are meant to be taken hold of and never let go, to open your mind to the possibilities that seem impossible to so many, and to capture that imagination we are all born with and make our dreams the realities that they were always meant to be...

And I believe our creativity, our wonder at it all that we find as children, well that is worth carrying through well on into adulthood, for it is what helps us keep our dreams alive."

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dragging me down Friday

Well, there isn't much going on here except to say that there is another post on M.IV for your entertainment. You know the drill, just click here or click on the icon on my side bar, it'll get you there too.

Now, I'm in the mood for some music from Tool. I happen to like "Sober" and a few others and they are good to listen to when your in a bit of a mood,of which I am. I'd link the you tube videos of their live performances, but Maynard (their singer) is a bit disturbing and odd to watch, and the videos to their stuff is even more disturbing- so much so, that I don't care to watch them (and I doubt many of you would either), but I do like the music.

I'll leave it up to each of you to decide at your own risk whether or not you want to look them up.

SEE, I told you I like all kinds of music, just depends on my mood. Hope you each have a better weekend than the one I'm beginning to have. See you all tomorrow sometime.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Solid Ground

Life it seems is getting so busy and more stressful. Not all of the stress is bad, but not all is good either. One thing is for sure- I'm still me through all of it and that my friends, is a good thing to know. A good feeling it brings me to feel like I'm still solidly grounded in me.

Maybe that makes sense, maybe it doesn't- but everything in life changes and either you choose to remain the true core of yourself with a bit of wiser knowledge added on or you choose to lose yourself and wonder what the hell went wrong in the midst of your battles.

Change is truly the only constant and so we must learn as we go, knowing that yesterday's paths will never match tomorrow's choices, or today's ground. All because of the way life is and life can be terrifying or pretty damn beautiful. The choice is always yours as to which it will be for you. I tell you to hold steady to the root of you, fly with all of your wings' empowerment, and be the you that you were meant to be my friends.

And that's my advice for the day, if only for myself.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Comics and Music, a great combination- a little bit of laughter with a little bit of soul.

I am a fan of Peanuts and I also happen to like baseball, so when I came across this comic today- I died laughing! Perhaps you'll find it entertaining as well.

I also have Blueberry Hill by Fats Domino stuck in my head, it is my favorite version of that song. It was however, originally sung by Louis Armstrong Feel free to check it out.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Small words of Mine


I've been scrolling through my list of blogs I follow and realized that I missed out on tons of great reads this weekend! I'll be visiting everyone again shortly, might take me a few days to get back up to speed with how everyone is doing.

In the meantime, here's my lastest attempt at a few lines of poetry:


There is an ocean,
a wave of beauty deep.
A tide of emotion,
the wake of steady storm.

Standing here again,
facing torrents that pour.
A grace found in a friend,
reminds me to find a peace.

Steady flow, rush of rain
out pouring of water anew.
A strength born of enduring pain,
a smile in my heart to unfold.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Here's some Pictures for you!

The way a weekend should be...

I've been neglecting blogger this weekend, but as you can see, it was all in good fun!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Weekend Get Away

Just in case anyone was wondering...I'm out on a weekend trip with Triana. She's posted some stuff about our evening last night and she will be adding pictures as well as, more tidbits from our outing away from the real world. Check her blog, Life Unassuming & Complicated, for the details.

Hope everyone is having a great Weekend!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

As I promised I would do

Well, I'm soooooo tired tonight, but I finally managed to post the beginnings of the next part of THE WING SEEKER on M.IV tonight- as I promised last week I would do. As I said before, these are posts I've never shared so please feel free to read them over there.

I once stated on Clay's blog that "to understand what a man meant is one thing, but to understand what that man's journey means to you is quite another." At the time I was referring to his need to study all the journals and strange things his grandfather left behind for him, but now as I see how my story has affected people, I wonder if this statement might not apply here as well.

Hope all is well with each of you.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Flow of Things

On an edge I stand,
my mind of a timid thought,
yet I'm sure
of my confidence.
My tenuous thought,
it moves and brushes
with an intangible idea
formed of thoughts pondered
and decisions that quaked
my world.
Perception is only half the truth,
never has two seen the same,
it is where life can sometimes bring
a pain of loss and falling.
But there is Joy to be had,
and a peace to be found,
if only in your own heart and mind.
Learn and be wise from it
I say to myself,
Life is just a journey
unmapped and uncharted,
for you cannot plan your steps
as no one's path is ever the same.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How do I say what's on my mind?

I wonder if very many understand what it means to love all....

"Spread love everywhere you go: first of all in your own house. Give love to your children, to your wife or husband, to a next door neighbor... Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness; kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile, kindness in your warm greeting."-Mother Theresa

I believe that I may not have shown love or kindness in my last comment to an anonymous commenter on my post "Recharging this Brain of mine". I did not mean to sound so negative or unkind, I just wish that more people understood what the purpose of having a faith was, rather than having a religion.

I don't claim to be a churchgoer, I don't claim to have all the answers- but I believe that if something is worthwhile to believe in, it will prove itself and does not need anger or fear of others shared knowledge to keep it close to the hearts of its followers. Indeed, sometimes it is neccessary in life to see past what you are taught and teach yourself to stand on your own decisions rather than allowing others to decide for you what it is you should think.

And I believe books or reading another person's life long work (as was the case with the book and authors in question here who spent 30 years researching this) was never a bad thing, only those who allow their own fears and disbeliefs to swallow them believe that I think. Forgive me if you believe otherwise, I truly mean no offense.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Lately for Me

I admit it here and now, I've been suffering from some severe depression issues, brought on by my circumstances here in the real world. I'm not ready to talk about all of it just yet, but I do see that things will get better in time- its just right now that's difficult.

I will persevere, its what I seem to do best- keeping my faith and staying strong. What's happening is neccessary, but that doesn't make it any easier.

Last night I was listening to this song called "Lately" by David Gray before I went to bed. It brought tears to my eyes, tears that needed to fall (I really need to buy a few of his cd's). But I did have a suprise phone call just before I fell asleep and it made all the difference in helping me keep my chin up. I hope that each of you have a friend that you can call on anytime for just those same reasons- a shoulder to lean on, a friend's faith in you to help keep you going.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Music to my ears..

One more thought tonight,

Natalie dear, thank you for introducing me to the music of David Gray via your blog! What a wonderful singer he is. I've been soaking up videos of his performances on You Tube all weekend in the moments of spare time..

Everyone, if you like soothing sounds check out Sail Away by David Gray, and there were a few other songs of his that struck me much harder than this one did. I've enjoyed his music immensely, now if only I knew how to get him to do a show in the States, preferrably in Indiana!

Some Sun Today

Its been a good day in spite of a few minor skirmishes. Spent alot of time outdoors with the kids, even got a few pictures of them playing, having a good time together. It was nice for a change. Think I'll go for a walk here after a bit, enjoy a little bit of relaxation before the work day roles around again tomorrow. It seems some days are harder than others, but for now this day was easier to take one step at a time, tommorrow might not be that way.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Once I dreamed of me,
sitting on a bench beside a stream
of black pitch road and
buildings tucked together in seam.
I was older, much older
with flowing white hair and gentle dark blue eyes
with faded weather wrinkles of a life soldier.
I was waiting there with a smug smile on my face,
knowing somehow that I was loved
and that I had lived a full life in this place.
I could feel the warmth of knowledge that my children were grown,
it was clear as a sparkling sunshine day and
I knew that we had done what was needed with the seeds we'd sown.
I was waiting for someone, a person second to none
in my eyes at least, who I knew intimately-
a closeness we shared, a oneness still after all the years and then some.
and I knew without a doubt that this would come to pass,
as I dreamed this dream,
I knew that I would soon find my heart's companion at last.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Recharging this Brain of mine

I have just finished reading the book "The Gypsy Morph" by Terry Brooks. It was a great book to read, as his work always is for me. I am a lover of fantasy fiction works and this has been his latest release that I haven't been able to digest yet, at least until now. It took me a couple of days to read it, since I am only able to read for a few hours at night.

I will have to go back and read each of his books in the "beginning of story to end of story" fashion. You see the Gypsy Morph is part of a trilogy series of his that is a prequel to his other well known works, and they were quite fascinating. If you like a good fiction book to whisk you away to another world, then by all means take my advice and start reading his stuff. Start with anyone of them you find interesting, eventually you'll find yourself looking up the prequels, sequels, and whatever else he has come up with in this world he has created.

The other book that I've just started to read is one of the most fascinating and I assume will be a controversial text, once people understand just how much research and truth lay in its core. It is called "The Betrayal: The lost life of Jesus" by Kathleen O'Neal Gear and W. Micheal Gear. They are authors of whom I greatly respect and love many of their books. This is the first time they've tried to tackle this sort of subject and the work, research, archealogical, and historical knowledge that has been used to construct this novel is astounding and astute.

I'm enjoying the read thoroughly, it is thought provoking and very interesting. I will, however, let you decide for yourselves what you think of it should you choose to read it.

And that's it for me for now, I'm tired and still working on some projects of mine so I'm going to try to finish those up, read a chapter or two in the betrayal, and head off to bed.

I'm still here..

Been working alot these past few days, I was in Indianapolis for the last two days. I'm still here and I will post a bit more extensively later this evening after I'm done here at work. Until then, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Take a Peek if You like

My dear readers,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts or taking the time to read whatever I decide to post each day on here. I am humbled by the kindness each of you have shown.

Earlier today, I posted what used to be the final installment of my life chronicles on M.IV. I say used to be because I have decided that I will continue writing the chronicles and divulging a bit of my early entry into adulthood. These will only be posted on M.IV, so please watch for them in the next couple of days or so.

For those of you new to my blog or to Clay's (M.IV) I have over the last few months been sharing my life story from its beginning clear up until the year I turned 18. It has been a journey that not only has helped me, but also several other bloggers who have privately discussed with me their own tears and frustrations that were not unsimilar to my own. I hope that you each take the time to read through some of these and, if you know of someone who could benefit from reading them, please share it with them. The first one is entitled seeds of the beginning if you are looking for where to start.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Its the little things that always manage to get you down.

It's been an interesting week, I'm not going to post much tonight- mainly because, well, I just don't feel like posting much. And in truth its more of a feeling of I don't want to complain on here. I've got a lot going on but I'll manage like I always do. I love all of your comments and thoughts of encouragement on that last post, it took a lot for me to post it- but I really felt the need to share it. If only for myself to have something to look back on and re-read every now and then.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Reflective Confessions

Laelah calls this an SIO or "Shout it Out" post (and you should visit her blog to read hers, it is a very thought provoking post).I think its more of a reflection of your inner self and a confessional of all the things you keep hidden in you-hence my title "Reflective Confessions" I don't know if I can do mine as good of justice as she did hers, but I'm gonna try it anyway.

I believe Love is the Ultimate healer, but I never say it out loud. I think actions always speak louder than words, when your in the company of others. I am partially deaf, but it allows me to read what your really saying. I am old fashioned, but I believe it is the way a lady should be. I think hand written letters are a sign of respect and love of the individual to whom you write. Writing is a passion of mine and I write letters to people often, I just never send them out. Sometimes, there aren't enough words to say how another person makes you feel. I believe terms of endearment should never be used lightly. I am the person who will willing drive miles just to hold someone's hand and tell them everything will be ok. I fail to give enough I think sometimes. My children are the world. I am only lonely on the inside, but I need to be alone on the outside sometimes. It is always my two hands that can change the world, and so it is with you. Books are like an addiction for me, I can never get enough of them. There is one person's voice that soothes my soul, and I never get to hear it enough. It is a voice I didn't know existed, until recently. I'm afraid to lose what I'm not sure I've even found. FAITH is more important than religion ever was. Roads always have curves and hills, and sometimes they lead you up mountains you didn't know you had the strength to climb. I feel naked when I write sometimes. It makes me feel self conscious, but I still write. I think maybe that's being brave. My life is precious to me, because I only get to live it once. I believe in the saying "speak the truth, even if it leads to your death." Friends, true friends, are far and few between. Life is precarious and moves through time ever so quickly, yet a moment in time is instantly and permenantly etched in our memories- as though we never moved from it. People often forget things, they mean no harm by it. I forget things. I fail at a lot of things, but I always keep trying. I cry a lot, but only when no one is looking. I've discovered that one tear hurts more than a flood of them do. I've had dreams of me sprouting wings and flying. They were so real that I distinctly remember the wind in my face as I soared above the ground. I've felt the power of raw hate, and hated myself for it. I will never do wrong to anyone, not even my worst enemy, if I can help it. I'm not an alcoholic, but many in my family are. I'm afraid to drink because of it. I have a tattoo to remind me that I make mistakes, that I am human. I have it because I hold myself to standards no one can live up too. I often think more of others than I do of myself. I want to be wanted. I want to love. I want to live. I feel selfish and ashamed of these wants. What was never broken, can't be fixed. But what is broken, can sometimes be shattered. I believe there is one person for everyone, but I also believe we are often too impatient to wait for them. I love plants and things that grow. I've climbed to the very tops of trees, just to see the world around me from a different view. I've fallen from those treetops trying to do just that. But I would climb them again in a heartbeat. Music is the world's best accomplishment. It is also my biggest love. Scars are a reminder of where you've been and what you've learned. I have many scars, both inside and out. I feel like a caged bird with broken wings. I want to let my hair down. I want to feel free again. I am angry at myself for not making better choices. But I always take responsibility for them. No one ever said life was supposed to be easy, and no one should ever feel they were somehow cheated if it isn't. A rubberband can only be stretched so far before it breaks, please do not treat me like one. I love beautiful things and I think people are beautiful. Passion is important. You should never trust too many people with yourself, but you should trust in at least one person to know yourself. I like walking in the middle of the night. I think stars are the most beautiful and mesmerizing things to look at. I respect myself enough to be choosy in who I share myself with. I believe I have the right to be respected. I do not take my own advice very well. I believe that happiness comes from inside of yourself, not outside of it. I am stubborn to a fault. I love unconditionally. There is always more in life to learn and there is never enough of life to learn it all. Someday, I will find myself again.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tweet, Tweet, er...uh tweet? How's that work again?

Trying to figure out this whole twitter thing. Feel free to follow my Twitter page, but I warn you now, blogger is my favorite site and I don't check in with my other web accounts nearly as often as I do blogger. But lets give it a whirl shall we?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Life Question in A Poem

Wonder what will this life bring,
In the next instances of memories.
Life moves on steadily forward,
with or without our frailties or failings
to remind us what it is that we learn
And I always wonder to myself,
How many of us look back and learn?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Rise to the Challenge of doing what you intend, for that is what makes life worth living.

Ah, I have had a productive day.

I am working on my current project, it is almost nearing completion. But, it will take a bit more revision before it is complete. I feel slightly accomplished with my work! I will share the details once its done.

my boss and I finished a grant that was due today, I tried to take things easy, although with an office dog bouncing here and there like a frantic maniac I wasn't sure I was going to live through her antics!

But it was good to be back today. Better than other places and people I have to deal with right now. Well, I did post another chronicle on M.IV again, so be sure to check it out when you get the chance and in the mean time, I'll see you all later as I'd like to rest a bit now.

Have a good weekend, I may try to post some things tomorrow evening. We'll see though. Take care everyone!