Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Words We Write

Isn't it interesting how much we seem to miss those bloggers of whom wrote some thoughts that were quite magnificent to you? Especially, when, for reasons of their own that may or may not have been stated to the blogger community (as is their right, no one said a blogger must let other bloggers know what is going on outside of the blogland) the respected blogger seems to have stopped sharing their ponderings.

A friend of mine once told me that when you begin to write, you begin to share yourself with others, thus allowing them to get to know you and you them. Strong and steady friendships can occur through the sharing of words, without ever having personally met someone. Words, when written can be an intimate transaction among us humans. Why is that you might ask?

I think it is because, truthfully, asthetics don't really matter when it comes to understanding, accepting, and respectfully admiring those whose thoughts and ponderings you find to be intriguing or insightful or just plain comical on occasion. It is good medicine for a person's soul to find such lovely connections with others around the world.

And I personally feel that what you see in a person's soul, is reflected in what they write, and that is what draws you to them and their blog.

Sometimes its a lasting friendship that forms, sometimes its more, sometimes less...but always you learn something you didn't know before after having read these wonderful blogs. You learn of history, of the value of a good laugh, of the honesty of tried and true failings, of the neccessity to have a bit of randomness, and of the spirit of human endurance in times of trials.

I do hope some of my favorite and highly respected bloggers return to blogland occasionally, until then, I hope all is well with each of you.


Breeze said...

I always worry that something has happened especially to very dedicated regular writers who suddenly stop. So far though they've always come back but one did have a sudden hospital emergency so that does happen.


Shadow said...

i agree wholeheartedly with you. i've been asked, what's the attraction, how do i know its real, (depends on the blogs you read to a degree i suppose) but instinctively? writing reflects the soul as you so beautifully say. and friendships develop. different to the day to day, face to face ones, but a friendship nonetheless.

Rikkij said...

I think bonds are clearly and sincerely developed, but I find I'm sometimes fooled. I'll have someone read me for a time and I accept it as friendship, then poof, they're gone but only from my site. These hurt as they are a direct reflection on me. I'm more understanding of walking completely away as I can see many reasons. I'm not as trusting as I was when I started, growing a thicker skin. ~rick

Fantastic Forrest said...

Urgh! It drives me mad. This post was prescient. Have you looked at Brasserie Alize? It was deleted yesterday. I HATE THAT! I hadn't read some of the posts (I was saving them for later, which was foolish, given the blogger's track record with Nature Diary and heaven knows what other blogs he's had and deleted.

It's like burning a book. I mean, if an author dies, his work remains for us to enjoy. So why not leave it up even if one doesn't plan to return to it?

If you get a new lead on him, let me know! Thanks.