Saturday, April 25, 2009

Taking time to Unwind

Well, Triana would be especiallly proud of me tonight. I am sitting here at Deer Park all by myself!!!!!!!!

Getting better at this socializing stuff on my own! Well- ok, I admit Kurt's down here playing tonight with I can't say that I'm totally on my own. But, I didn't know he'd be down here till I walked in the door.

Still got the laptop with me and drinking only a pepsi, but hey its a start!

I'm close to getting a project that I've been working on completed. Got to talk with a few more people to see what can be done with it when its done, but its progress. There are some other more personal things that I've been working on as well. I'm keeping my chin up and getting things lined up the way they need to be...when I'm ready to share, I'll let you all know what's been up lately.

First things first though, getting through this surgery. They did decide on the lipotripsy, with the possibility of a stent and drainage tube in my back, but they won't know about that until they see how much they can break up the stones- yes, they found there is not one- but two stones in my right kidney.

Well, hope the weekend is going well for each of you:
Double Dolphin- compassionate or not, I still wish you well in that heat!
Triana, hope you're having fun with the Kiddos in KY!
Natalie- hon I know all too well how your present situation is weighing heavily on your sisters' children are treated pretty muchly the same way and it is heartbreaking, you have my prayers and my friendship, as always.
Rick, hope all is well over in your neck of the woods and whatever the pressing emergency- I hope we find you a safe return to blogger land.
Rab, thanks for letting me know all is well, I so hope all of your hard work pans out the way you hope for it too.
Spellbound, thanks so much for the invite over..someday perhaps I'll make my way over to that end of the states. And thanks for you honest comments on M.IV, glad I could help someone else with my story.
Linda, haven't seen a new post yet with the stuff you inquired about, are things ok your way?
Laelah, good to see you around here again, I was a bit worried about you after you erased a comment that went to my email but didn't show up on the blog.

And my dearest Clay, whatever would I do without your friendship and voice to help me on the occasions when we get to talk.

For all of my other blogger friends, I don't know if life is happy or sad or what for each of you, but may you at least find one reason to smile in spite of whatever may come your way. I know that in spite of my difficult times, I'm still trying to enjoy a bit of live music and continuing on with my goals in life, and so I hope that each of you find something that soothes you this weekend and helps comfort you should you need it.


Triana said...

I'm having a good weekend down here :) but that may change tomorrow when I have to tell Ben that I'm not going to be able to move to Louisville this summer as plan. Wish me luck! I have to have the car home by 5/6 tomorrow, so I'll be ready for serious friend time & probably some tear sharing tomorrow night. Love you!

Laelah said...

It's an alright weekend so far. The weather was great today and no allergy attacks either! Sadly it'll start heating up next week and I absolutely dislike hot days. The surgery sounds painful but I have a feeling you'll pull through fine. :)

As for the deleted comment (to which I backtracked on your posts to find out which one) I'm not sure how or why I deleted it in the first place. But, since I remember what I said, I'll repost it because it still applies right now.

Natalie said...

Thank You, April. Love to you.xx♥

Double-Dolphin said...

Thank you so much April!!! Best of luck, and I promise to be more regular with blogging.

Double-Dolphin said...

Would this do
To make it all right
While sleep has taken you
Where I'm out of sight

I'll make my getaway
Time on my own
Search for a better way
To find my way home
To your smile

David Gilmour - Smile