Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Taking care of some Health issues

I am done reading my book entitled "People of the Lakes" and now I have finally found a copy of "Crime and Punishment" at the local library, along with a copy of C.G. Jung's "Memories, Dreams, and Reflections". I've never read either of them, but I have been advised to do so.

I am finding Crime and Punishment interesting, so we will see what I get out of it as I continue on through its pages. The Jung book will wait a bit until I'm done with the other.

I took C & P with me to my doctor visit today. I've been having some issues with my back hurting. Apparently, I still have kidney stone problems.

While waiting for the nurse to return to the room I was in at the doctor's office today, I was continually reading. Later, the nurse and I had some small talk as she was explaining where to go in Fort Wayne to the specialists office. She then asks, "Are you sure your not in pain? I could get you something you know" the same sentiments from my doctor. Why is it always so difficult for people to understand that pain doesn't always mean a whole lot to me. I've a bit of a high tolerance of it you see. I can take alot of pain, I just can't stand to see others suffer.

Anyway, I told her "No, I'm good. Just a little discomfort when I lay down is all, if it gets too bad I'll just take some tylenol or something."

She replied, "Well, you know the specialist's nurse was asking if you weren't in pain and I said well, she seems fine with the pain, she's been reading a book this whole time."

As if me reading were an indication to anything.

I could tell from both her and my doctor that they couldn't figure out why I wasn't seemingly in more pain than I let on. Its a kidney stone people, not the end of the world. I don't need medicine or drugs crammed down my throat thank you.

Well, we'll see how the visit to the specialist goes tommorrow, In the mean time I'm going to enjoy some reading, grab a bite to eat here a little later and maybe stay up a bit and view some stars since I don't have to work tomorrow now. Hope all is well for each of you.


Laelah said...

I'm sure a kidney stone passing hurts...but not that much...then again, I'd rather not have one so I can feel it for myself. *shrugs*

C & P was the first of Dostoevsky's books that I read (unless there's another good book out there with the same name) and I loved it...I think I made a post about it too, though incoherent since I was so "blown away" by it's literary greatness. I exaggerated but hopefully my point is clear. :)

I'd suggest putting The Idiot on your list if you haven't read it yet.

Natalie said...

Ouch! Hope everything sttles down soon, April.

Rikkij said...

hope everything works out. I agree about the drugs. Passed a stone once many years ago. don't care to again. ~Rick

Shadow said...

well, you're a strong girl. i had a kidney stone last year, that the doctors didn't know what it was for 3 weeks. and that was... not pain, but very sick. and they had to operate it out, it was too big for any other treatment. good luck!!!!!

Lyn said...

Hope you're well..I hear that a kidney stone passing is really rough..good that you don't feel much pain..
New review for C&P.."book anesthesizes patient..impervious to pain!! "