Saturday, April 18, 2009

Some more interesting questions and thoughts

These are all excerpts from the book I'm reading, they give a lot of food for thought, don't they..

"Did you know that some stars go backwards at times, then proceed on course again?"


"When you think about it, we are vain creatures. Absorbed with wants and desires that are no doubt trivial in the eyes of the Spirit World. Wealth? Status? Honor? What do those things mean in the end, anyway?"


One character in the book says to the other "Thank you for telling me your story. You're a very brave woman."

She says to him," Really? For someone brave, I'm constantly strangling on fear."

He replies, "That's what bravery is. Doing what you have to, no matter how afraid you are."


"Which Stone cuts the sharpest edge, Trader?"
"Yes, Sharp and deadly. The Black Skull is obsidian. Like it, he cuts through Life. So clean and painlessly."
"Go on"
"What happens when you bend an obsidian blade, Trader?"
"It snaps"
"The Black Skull needs to turn himself inside-out before he cuts off his own head and suffocates."


"To gain everything, you must lose everything"


Woman in a Window said...

That last one is especially poignant and true.

Rikkij said...

the thoughts and musings of wise men live only to be mimicked by fools. and no question worth asking has only one correct answer.
We so often judge questions on taught and rehearsed answers from those who have died miseable. We must ask ourselves the questions that matter and live with the answers. There is an old saying "it is better to be a live dog than a dead lion" it may be so, but I could never dance to that tune. The great philosophers were great in that they were unique in the answering-not caring a damn for their detractors. ~rick