Monday, April 20, 2009

A Poem of Daily things

The Morning

Saunter out of bed,
lay out clothes
on the floor
In the downstairs bathroom.
Wake up Sleepyheads.
Time to greet the day
and get dressed
Can Mommy have
some good morning
hugs and kisses?
Please don't fuss,
I will get the breakfast
around, after
you've gotten your
clothes on.
I know its not
being at school,
with kids who tease
with no mercy..
but, could you please
get dressed or you'll
be late and I still
have to get
the youngest two
What's that little one?
No, you can get your pants
on yourself,
your a big girl sweetie.
I know, you don't have
to cry, I know your
still not awake.
You can do it though,
I know you can.
Hey there fella,
you're getting distracted,
get your clothes on,
you can't run around
And I yell down the
hall again at Biggest Girl,
has she finished getting
her school things
Her reply needs some attitude
adjustment, but
the Morning doesn't allow
time to for long talks,
and so we head out
to the van for another day....

Oh, crap- I forgot my stuff,
I'll have to swing by the house,
after I drop the kids off
to their respective places.
I do hope the office
is serene and quiet,
that I am the first to arrive
and can unwind and
gear up for the day.


Shadow said...

oh man, that's sounds soooo familiar. hit me, but i'm kinda missing it. the bean's getting so grown up. that and the nagging to sleep upstairs with us. who knew i'd ever miss it....

Rikkij said...

You mean you don't just sit around all day watching Oprah and Judge Judy? somebody was spreading rumors! ~rick

Brosreview said...

I like the dialogue like style used to write this one. Nicely written!!! Easy to relate!!!

findingmywingsinlife said...

Yeah they do get big fast, the oldest is nearing 10years, the two younguns- 4 & 2 respectively.

The sad part is this is only a fraction of my day, I still have at least 12 more hours to put in between the two careers I have with Habitat

Glad you liked it, I really wasn't sure if it was written well,I kind of jumbled it together-the way mornings like these always leave me feelin, but it does relay the day well doesn't it..

Lyn said...

Such a nice little movie! I like "attitude adjustment"...poem is full of life!