Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Poem and Some Links

First off, here is a poem for you to read and be entertained with:

Darkest blues
in the dead of night,
When stars come out
to shine their light.
This is the hour
of which I love,
the silence and peace
in view of the moon above.
My, oh my
the things in my head,
I reprimand myself
and say, not yet, patience instead.

And Second, Steph from Incurable Insomniac does this every now and then on her blog and I think it is a very good idea, so here is my go at it.The idea is to copy one line or two from several blogs you read and post them in a list, sort of like a blog quotes of the day. Hope you enjoy!

"Life is shorter than you think it is. So, stop procrastinating and don’t leave any goal untried for." -The odds are good, but the goods are odd

"Throughout this dark delusion, one half seeks another--The sleeper seeks the dreamer in order to find truth in the blinding fog." - Ephermeral Wings, in her post " The Sleepless Dreamer and the dreamless Sleepers.

"solitary confinement must come to an end so she can spread her wings and be on the mend" -A Portrait of the Human Heart

"I was Baptized yesterday by nature and I was Baptized by man--or, at least, by wife." -An Explorer's View of Life

"We will do this task instead, then perhaps we will understand at life’s last...Stay the hand." -May I have my pen back?

"It took him seven years to learn to tie his shoes but his focus is not on the seven years, but that he learned to tie his shoes! The victory is his message and that if he can, by being persistent and obstinate, overcome that, then surely the rest of us can overcome the little obstacles in our paths, obstacles that we often place there ourselves so that we have an excuse not to do what we want to be doing because we are afraid we'll fail."- Breeze Daze

"How 'Bout a Fuggerwuggerschnortzug?"- Musings from the Deep

"It was such a strange moment for a boy to find himself tangled in." -One Big Love


Hi, I am Breeze said...

I'm honoured you pulled something out of my blog. Thank you.


Hi, I am Breeze said...

ps..I love the poem


Rikkij said...

That was so sweet of you to think of me. I'm humbled and grateful. and loved your poem. love that hour too and know the conversation well!~Rick

Shadow said...

what a lovely combination of quotes! cool idead it is too! and your poem is quite a reflection of a love of mine too.... nighttime, quiet, the world asleep, the only light the moon and the stars. patience? huh? what's that though, heee heee heee

T.J. Seale said...


Thank you for publishing from my blog in your collection, and additionally for making it much easier for me to find other interesting blogs; I'm checking these out. Also, an intersting poem, thanks for sharing it, I love the turn at the end. I also enjoy looking into the heavens, it's awesome the wide variety of inspiration that can come from the sky.


Cherie/ Butterfly Dreamer said...

Loved this poem.

"Uff...Finally "i" have started blogging" said...

nice poem

Brosreview said...

Hey, thanks!!! I feel great that you quoted me here!!!