Friday, April 17, 2009


I went out to a local concert last night with Triana (I even had a bit of Tequila and a bottle of Triple Black), needless to say we went, we saw,we played a few sorry games of pool (both of us noting how severely out of tune with the game we are now), and we didn't get to see our favorite band play because it was nearing 1am and they still hadn't taken to the stage yet. Sooo, we talked with them for a bit and apologized for not staying and then we left.

The conversations between her and I however during the concert was hilarious though! And the things we saw and witnessed others doing-my lord, people watching in a bar is both funny and apalling! Some of the things people do and say!

So, in a tribute to our night out here is a small list of oddities in conversation or observations that Triana so kindly left on my phone's notebook capabilities, they are just a few of many things we saw:

  1. Never perform on stage while singing into not only a microphone, but a walkie talkie- seriously the dude was staring at it in such a way that it reminded you of Smiegel (from Lord of the Rings) and his fascination with the One Ring. We couldn't figure out why he thought he needed the walkie talkie to begin with..but hey what do I know.

  2. Heels do not make pink sweats sexy, nor does it bode well when that same person is hopping around like a bunny overdosed on caffeine.

  3. Pink GoGo boots are a bit overdoing it much don't you think?
  4. IF you are a bit on the heavy side of say 200+, please don't wear a leopard print dress that barely covers your front or back side.... and by all means, do not bend over- the world does not wish to see that.

  5. What is up with black tights on a guy???


Rikkij said...

etter the tights on he than the 200+ her. sounds like a hoot! ~Rick

Shadow said...

pink gogo boots?????

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Finding, I promise never to wear that animal print outfit again...

I once watched a style programme (Don't know if you get Trinny and Susannah over the pond?), but the presenter said, 'Blonde + Leopard Print = Barmaid...'

I should have learned then!

findingmywingsinlife said...

It was apparently a night out for the oddest of people, but it was fun and a bit entertaining!

I'm serious, the lady had on Pink GoGo Boots, they looked identical to the orange ones Scooby Doo put on in the second movie they made...they did not look good on this woman..

Woman of Life's Importance,
You crack me up! Giggling over here...

Triana said...

Hmmmm, let's not forget to mention a few things... Bounce over to my page to see my version :) the drunk view...