Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just Me Here, dropping a few lines tonight

Well, my friends it looks as though one of two surgery options are happening for me. The kidney stone is just a bit smaller than a dime, too big to pass on its own and will most likely continue getting bigger if I don't let them do what they can to remove the pesky thing. I will keep you all posted on how that goes.

In the meantime, since I don't feel like posting much tonight, I have posted another chapter of my teenage years on M.IV, please feel free to hop on over there and catch yourselfs up with the things of my past if you like. Or if you really want to read something different and exciting, flip back through M.IV and hunt up some of Clay's writings- they are truly beautiful, suspenseful, and wonderful to read.

And, yes, Clay is doing just fine. I suspect he'll come back to his blogging adventures here in a couple of weeks.


Rikkij said...

was thinkin of the phrase, "this too will pass" but apparently not. hope you're able to get some rest and not worry. in a little while, the pain will just be a memory.

Natalie said...

Love to you, April.xx♥

Double-Dolphin said...

Can't you get laproscopy or something? They also have this thingy nowadays where they use ultra sound to shatter the stone into itty bitty little peices, which can then be passed normally.

Whatever you do, best of luck!

findingmywingsinlife said...

Thank you for the thoughts, The pain isn't really that bad honestly. But apparently according to all the doctors it should be, they are quite baffled by me.

Love to you too!

Yes, one of the options is a "shockwave" procedure called lipotropsy that sends the shockwaves to the stone in an attempt to break it up. It is still considered a surgical procedure since they have to sedate me in order to do it and it will bruise me up pretty badly because I'm so small in frame. However, they need to find out what kind of stone it is first, because there is a particular kind that will not show up on the x-rays they need to use to locate the stone during procedure, if I have that kind of stone, then it is going to be an incision in my back and possibly some stents to get the stone out.
Either way, as long as they remove it successfully without much complications, I'm game. Keeping my kidney in good health is whats important. I've had several surgeries before, so this is just another round for me.

Shadow said...

oh no!!!!! fortunately, time flys pretty quickly these days... and all will be forgotten.