Friday, April 10, 2009

I need to be more tactful...

First I found this definition of "Savoir Faire"- the ability to say or do the right or graceful thing; to have tact

So this morning, I get in the office, start catching up on some blog reading and I read Kris's blog This will hurt me (which I find informative and funny at times. I've learned alot of world history from his posts). The post, I am positive, was not meant to offend anyone, he was simply asking questions he usually does.

Sooooo, I, who found the post amusing, shared it with my co-worker Michelle....

Uuuuhhhh, well, that didn't go over well. I feel really bad now. She was so offended. Here's one of the comments Kris replied back to one of his readers:

"imagine nailing your own son to a cross to prove a point! Fair dinkum, dude could have done the whole bread and fishes thing again…"

I think I need to get better at being tackful and not sharing or saying things that would be potentially offensive.. but I honestly didn't think there was anything offensive about it.

*sighs*, Well I suppose I've learned something today.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day today! (and please do not take offense to this post)


Shadow said...

oh no, now you've made me remember a joke. may i tell it. pleeeez, pleeeez, pleeeeez???????

Shadow said...

i'm going to anyway, pleeez don't take offence....

so jesus, nailed on the cross, says to his disciples "don't eat my easter eggs while i'm away, i WILL be back on monday..."

Double-Dolphin said...

I found it funny, but then humor is a dangerous thing, and especially so if it concerns religion. But don't get too upset about it. Stuff happens dudette! No biggy.

Breeze said...

I've heard variations on the same story over the years.

I'm pretty sure humour is divine otherwise we humans would be such funny creatures. Don't worry about it.

Shadow..that one made me chuckle for sure.

I have one: Teacher asks class to draw a picture of the easter story. Kids draw Jesus, easter bunny all sorts of variations then she looks at little johnny's picture and says "johnny you drew an airplane in there" Johnny says yes. Teachers says "what does that have to do with easter". Johnny says "see those people two people in it?" teacher says "yes" "well one is jesus" "yes johnny but who is the other?" teacher asks, still confused.
Johnny says "well that's Pontius, the pilot".

told to me in grade 4 by my Religious studies teacher who was also a


Triana said...

That doesn't surprise me. She's a bit ... Well ... I can't put it into words without it sounding offensive & I really do like her, but I'm fairly sure she doesnt appreciate me so well. She seemed a bit offended at quite a few things the night she stopped out @ Buckets w/us.

findingmywingsinlife said...

What a wonderful conversation we got going here!

Shadow, you're so remind me of someone who gets all excited when they have to wait for a suprise or something! Thanks for sharing the joke with us.

Glad you found the humor in it as well, thanks for the encouragement.

What a riot!

She said it was o.k., I did apologize- but I could tell that it really bothered her..usually I'm good at telling if something is going to be sharable or not... and yes, she is a wonderful person.

Rikkij said...

some places I just don't go to. no, nope and you can't make me. haven't learned much along the way but I've learned to spot landmines. sometimes. ~Rick

findingmywingsinlife said...

Your funny..

you don't have to do anything you don't want to, I like my friends just the way the are for who they are, even if they don't share the same views or interests. Besides, I kind of think you're awefully nice thank you!

Natalie said...

Like you, April - I always find out the hard way. :(

P.S. I loved the jokes guys. Eggselent!

Adam Cecil said...

Really, how bad is it to offend someone? I wouldn't want to be friends with too many people who take everything seriously.

Kris said...

If people want to insist on carrying on with such nonsensical fairy tales as divine right, other people will take the mickey.

And let's be honest, God in the Old Testament, well, he's a bit of a wanker.

Priyanka Khot said...

"Agreeing to disagree, without taking offense" should be the dictum for the new world. As long as the disagreement doesn't turn into fatalist fanaticism... I am ok with it.

I liked Shadow's joke.