Saturday, April 11, 2009

A funny one for you..

I took the kids out to visit my mother and the rest of the family today for Easter. Eddie was there, as was my sister Amy, her kids, and her husband. Anyway the kids were playing in the middle of the kitchen floor in Mom's tiny home and Ed, Amy, and I got to talking:

"Watching the kids on the floor reminds me of when it was just Hope and Phil would let her get all the pots and pans out, and play to her hearts content" said me.

"Oh yeah! I remember he'd say, Just let her do it Goddammit! Remember that?" My brother perfectly imitated our late stepdad and gestured to my sister asking her if she remembered.

"Oh my god, she'd bang on those things forever..." Amy said.

"Hey, I didn't know you got your daughters' ears pierced Amy" I said as her youngest daughter strolled into the kitchen and I noticed the pink dangling things in her ears.

"Yeah, got them both done over christmas, that was their gift from their Uncle. They seem to be doing well with them" She said.

"Man, I remember it took 3 times to pierce my ears before they'd stay that way. They never did close up and I haven't worn earrings in years." I stated.

And the kicker statement of the year...
my brother replies, "Yeah, that's the same way it is with my titties."

Good thing the kids didn't overhear that one, but man, my sister and I got a good laugh out of that one!... in case you couldn't tell my family's a bit strange.


Rikkij said...

now I'm worried cuz I didn't find any of it strange! Thanks for sharin it. ~Rick

Triana said...

OMGosh! I'm gonna be laughing at that one forever! I can just imagine the conversation... it totally sounds like something that I would hear sitting with your family! Ha ha ha!

Laelah said...

Laugh Out Loud. :3

Shadow said...

that's not strange, that's family closeness. have a happy easter!

Sofia-Free Ads said...

Happy Easter and what a happy family you have!:-)

Nick James said...

I love it, Happy Easter--

Sorry that I have been gone, I hope that I sill have your friendship!