Friday, April 24, 2009

Fellow Blogger Quotes

I'm going to post some more blogger quotes on here today...Inspired by Luna's headliner on her page "Don't Start a fight, but if you're in one, By God, finish it."

I just really thought that was one hell of a line to put up- liked it alot. And so now I'm going to peruse through some more blogs and see what else jumps out at me.

The blogger quotes for today are:

"So I may learn the language of my magicians possession,the language called music, the language called love, the language that speaks when words are unspoken"- A Portrait of the Human Heart, authored by Noelle

"Gold. Always believe in your soul. You've got the power to know, you're indestructible."-
This will hurt me, authored by Kris

"take a chance, a little risk, just one thing every day. try it, taste it, you might enjoy it.. even though it’s an unknown walkway" 1 door away from heaven, authored by Shadow

My daughter stares at him for a second. “My father sets water on fire and my mother is in the kitchen in her underwear. No wonder I didn’t get that job.”-WORDSONWAKING, authored by Spellbound

Two Ghosts, authored by Lyn

"Traveler, if there is no path to your goal, make your own path, step by step."-
Written In Earth (I must admit dear bloggers, that with this blog I don't always know what to make of his posts, however, I found this one line very interesting and feel that it can be applied to a variety of things in life.)

**And for those wishing to know, my surgery is set for Wedsnesday, April 29th, which means I probably won't be up for much birthday celebrating come the 2nd of May. Wishing all of you well and have a wonderful weekend!


Laelah said...

Awesome blogs you got there. :3 Good luck on the surgery.

Triana said...

I wish I could take off work to be there for you! If it had been prior to my start date on Monday then I so would do it! Don't worry about the birthday celebrations; we'll rest up & then co-celebrate at Rock on the Range!!

Shadow said...

that first quote is brill!!!! and thanks for the mention. will be thinking about you and holding toes and thumbs for wednesday...

Silver said...

enjoy reading your stuff here..will be back. later!

Double-Dolphin said...

Best of luck!!!

Spellbound said...

Well, I did not consider the post especially inspiring but I appreciate the honor of such exalted company. I was going for "real life is funnier than anything you can ever make up". We laugh a lot at my house.