Thursday, April 23, 2009

A better post than that last one..

I heard one of my favorite songs today while driving to Fort Wayne to go get the x-ray done. Tesla's "Love Song". You should have heard me singing along with it to the top of my lungs in the van, no one but myself to hear it. Reminded of me of when on the few occasions when I was little and I'd get to spend a bit of time with my dad- he'd play all kinds of hard rock music, Tesla being one of the bands.Same thing with a few other songs that I found on the radio as I was driving today.

Guess I just needed to let loose. One of these days I think I'm going to get the owner of Deer Park to let me practice singing again in there when no one's around. Get used to the atmosphere of being on stage again. Haven't done it in so long that I've worked myself into somewhat of a stage fright issue now.

Besides, my voice is like a countryish singer's( I'll even admit to liking country music a bit but mostly the sappy stuff such as Believe by Brooks and Dunn , a song that reminds me of my granny's strong faith in things) although I can do some soft rock stuff and every now and then when I'm in the mood I can do a pretty good bluesy Jazzy sort of voice thingy (although no one has ever heard me try doing that except myself, so my take on it might be a bit different than someone else's viewpoint). Speaking of bluesy soul music, the song Georgia On My Mind by Ray Charles is always playing in my head somedays. Loved his music, still do. Gives me a soothing feeling, much like another voice does thats in my head these days.

I just love to sing, well I just love music-all kinds of music really, truly, and honestly. And I love making up my own songs when the mood strikes me. Got to write some of that stuff down one of these days- either that or carry around a voice recorder so that when something hits me I can just record it as it comes and write it down later. I think maybe that's what I'll do.

Well I'm off to the Habitat For Humanity Art Show awareness event we've got going on tonight. Enjoy the video links, different genres of music- but each equally good- just depends on your mood.


Rikkij said...

I'd love to hear you sing bluesy-jazz! Thanks for pleasant thoughts. enjoy the show. ~rick

Jacki said...

WOW! Awesome songs....
music makes my soul sing!

Spellbound said...

We share that country kind of voice and I know the words to all the hymns the Baptists sang when I was growing up in KY. At our favorite dancing place the Joe Scott Band has a sometimes singer, Virgil. He's a tiny black man who was wearing a tall silk hat and singing Georgia the first time we went there. His voice is like silk, so when I hear it in my head, he's the one singing.

I bet we would harmonize perfectly wings.

Shadow said...

i can't sing, but i wish i could, but listening to song, how they bring up certain distinct memories, now that i love.

Double-Dolphin said...

Singing along to Tesla while driving huh? You're my kinda girl. And this when I was wondering whether anyone actually listens to all the stuff that I listen to.

Have you heard of an album by the Hollies called "Confessions Of The Mind"?