Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Walk

"If you need me I might be traveling,
You might even find me walking,
I am a Tennessee walking man.
I'm feeling a little bit dangerous tonight
I screaming like I'm dead,
burning, burning to be loved tonight, to be loved tonight OH ahhh.."
Quote from the Lyrics of Tennessee by Clear Gray

I need a middle of the night sort of walk right now, its been an interesting day. See you all tomorrow.


T.J. Seale said...

Everyone needs a midnight walk from time to time, they give you time to put things into perspective, there is something about the stillness. Enjoy your walk.


Triana said...

:( I always get yelled at for middle of the night walks. Sometimes by YOU!...

I love ya though. We were quite a sad couple this weekend. Sorry you got yelled at b/c of me.

Shadow said...

those are cool lyrics

Nick James said...

Enjoy your midnight walk, just be safe.