Wednesday, March 11, 2009

V's Star

On the way home tonight:

"Look Mom!"

"Yes V, Mommy sees the star."

"I like Stars MOM!"

"Yes V, Mommy likes stars too. Try to go to sleep and let Mommy drive."


"It is?" I said, shaking my head and cocking a half smile.


I bit back my thought of "Did you let the star know it was yours?", she's only 2 and I might as well let her think anything is possible...who knows, maybe one day she really can have a star all her own.


Natalie said...

Well there Mom, How do you know she doesn't?

Hmmm...? Cute story. :D


Shadow said...

we used to star spot all the time too, when the bean was so little... i miss that...

Nick James said...

You have yourself a bright shining star there, eh?

Alexandre Fabbri said...

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Lyn said...

Lucky to have such a little starlet! So bright..