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Volunteer with Me...

...Or read the next segment of Kipleyarren!

Ok, have a had a little rest, still need to get some food in me yet, but for those of you who are interested in Volunteering with me while I'm on vacation:

I will be volunteering with Manatee County Habitat for Humanity on Saturday March 28, 2009 from 8am-12noon. I am unfamiliar with the area so we'll see if I get lost or not! We will be on the construction site doing various odds and ends for them. If you are interested in joining me, you must go to Manatee County Habitat for Humanity and fill out a volunteer form and then sign up online for the dates specified. It will ask you for your "group name" just enter April's Group. If you have any questions regarding volunteering, Angeline Brown is their volunteer coordinator and she has been wonderful to talk to. I will be in Florida March 27-April 1.

And now Ladies and Gents,
Here is another Chapter to share or a part of one I should say. I really haven't decided where this one fits in the story yet, but I like it so I thought I'd share it with you all!

A Chapter of Kipleyarren
Authored by April L. Gerard

Caarin felt furious. How could he be asked of this? He had held such convictions about what he was going to do. He had promised himself that he wouldn't be involved in this turmoil, this wreckage that the races had brought to themselves. Grandfather, confession or not, could not make him commit to such an absurd request. "Our lands people will need you...Hmmph" He shrugged with an angry push forward.

He had left the cabin days ago. Knowing that inevitably he would head in the exact direction he had said he would not go. It didn't help that he couldn't sleep. Having shut off all that represented the part of him that was hidden away, the conversation between him and Grandfather had opened a floodgate-in more ways than one. Every night now, he dreamed. He dreamed of the screams he had heard, the agony of that his beloved family had endured during the night of the fire. He relived the pain and anguish anew, knowing that he had been too young to try to save them. For all the magic in the land, a fairie could not save itself from fire. And with the nightmares, came the visions during the day. Visions of what would come of the land. And it was the land, not the people, that concerned him most. For he loved the beauty that resided in Kipleyarren's vast expanse.

At first it didn't seem that any of it was possible. But as the days wore on and the disturbing images continued to manifest themselves, he realized that whether he wanted to or not, he had to help. Not even his friends York and Nolan, the sprites, could withstand the carnage that was about to take place. And there was something else-he could feel the imminent death of something so important, so vital to the survival of all the races.

The land was surely dying from misusage of its bounty, but Caarin could feel inexplicably that this was not tht most important key. Or rather it was not the one key in the most danger. He suddenly realized that there were a handful of puzzle pieces that needed to fit together in order for things to be put back into a balance. The land was sick, the races were thinning, and the magic was fading. A question was forming in his mind, "Could all of this really be the result of one maglignant root? Who would be so foolish at to put everything in jeopardy?" In an instant he knew, because he was the only one who was able to see what she truly was. That was why his kind had been wiped clean of the land- for their innate gifts of seeing the mortality of others. And that gift enabled those of his kind to know without a doubt the true nature of a beast. For how could you see the death without knowing the cause, without seeing the life be born?

He trudged on, fueled by the knowledge of who the traitor of the land was. He vowed that he would help put an end to this, if only to put the past behind him and finally move on.

York and Nolan continued the playful banter amongst themselves, but kept an eye on their sulky and moody friend. The conversation between him and his Grandfather had left him in a bit of an angry mood. But they could also tell that he was feeling so very alone in the world right now. The finality of his Grandfather walking out the door into the moonlight left him bereft. There was no one left of his kind besides himself any longer. They knew he would have to come to terms with that in his own time.

They also saw changes in him that he could not see for himself. He became more in tune with the abilities of his kind. He dreamed more heavily than they had ever seen him do before. They knew this meant that he was developing. He would soon be able to guide himself to places where he would be needed, see the varying futures depending on the decisions made by others or himself. And soon, very soon, he would understand more than most would about the nature of this journey. He would be privy to a wealth of knowledge that could either make or break him.

There was one thing in particular that concerned the two small beings. As Caarin fell into his deep slumbers, there was a name he called out over and over. Shanandra. Whoever this girl was, she was somehow strongly connected to their friend and to the events that were unfolding. But was this connection good or bad? Who was she? they wondered. York stated in a hushed tone to Nolan once during their journey that, "Don't you think its odd. He can't remember her, not even a little.. Every time he tells us of the dreams, she never comes up. Its like the connection is only there when he's asleep." This revelation made them keep a closer eye on things. Ever since Caaring was a little boy, he could always recall his dreams with ease

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