Friday, March 20, 2009

Something interesting

I found this poem today, looking back on my journal. Trying to find answers in things I've written down over the last several years. This poem was proceeded by a lengthy entry that I made in June of last year. Here it is for you:

Footsteps of Life

I remember seeing
What my parents became
And I remember saying
I'll never be the same.
I watched on as Life
made them toss away
Their dreams that once
had held its sway.
Knowing this
I vowed to be
Something more
than most could see.
Its not so much a wanting
of my children to emulate me,
but more of them watching my footsteps
and choosing theirs more carefully.


Triana said...

Very beautiful! I believe we all wish this...

Natalie said...

Yes, beautiful and true.xx

Breeze said...

yes!! Wonderful! I love it. The best poetry speaks the truth and this speaks loud and clear!


CLAY said...

another side of you through poetry. Splendid.

Double-Dolphin said...

Beautiful, but also sad, when one knows the context...

Shadow said...

it wrote last week... "in the same trap i fell that i’d fled"...