Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Remembering Datura

I have started a draft to be posted on Clay's M.IV. It is a revised edition of my Life Chronicles. You may see it there in the next couple of days. I have also a draft here on my blog that contains some of the missing pieces that I remember about my childhood as I look back on what I've written.

Today gave me some time to reflect and in doing so I remembered some things. For instance, this morning I had to make an appearance at a donor/volunteer appreciation breakfast for our local United Way (I had to represent our Habitat as we are one of the agencys supported by their efforts). Now, I'm not saying that showing donors and volunteers your appreciation is a bad thing, but I can't stand events like these. Mostly, because quite frankly the non-profit arena is akin to the political landscape sometimes.

These things always make me feel like someone threw me in the pit with a bunch of snakes (figuratively speaking). I never quite feel like I fit in at these things nor do i actually wish too. The people themselves are average ordinary Mary or Joe really and for the most part are nice individuals. But it is their average, non looking beyond their own doorsteps that prohibit true growth-hence they've inadvertently become the very stoppers to what they deem they're helping.

It was this thought I chewed on for a while as I drove up to Elkhart to meet my AmeriCorps members to help distribute food from the "Feed the Children" national campaign. There were 14+ semi truck loads of food and hygiene products to be given out to nearly 5,000 families in that area. So, as I thought about snakes, I remembered a man who my mother was once married too and my thoughts turned to a comment Clay had once made. It had to do with me researching Krishna and the battle with the Serpent. I've since gathered a wealth of information on the subject of this deity and find it quite fascinating!

Thinking of this man and that time period of my life led to yet another thought, something I forgot about during that time in my life. It was the one thing I remember making my mother smile.

We had Moon Flowers that grew in the back of the house.

I remember her occasionally stepping outside after a heated arguement between the two of them and staring at those flowers in full bloom of the moonlight. They were Datura Wrightii, and while I remember exactly what they looked like- after doing some research I'm surprised that this variation grew in our back yard back then.

I too thought that they were some of the most beautiful flowers I'd ever seen. I love plants and growing things, just never have had the opportunity to have my own garden. I believe I'll add that to my list of things to do for myself someday- grow a beautiful garden or at least try to!

For those who were wondering, I will not be posting chapters of Kipleyarren for a few days. I have enlisted some help and want to work on fine tuning it a bit more before sharing it with you. I believe that this way, you will each be delighted (I hope) with the finished product. I do have a short story entitled "To Be Joy" that I wrote a few years back and if I can find it, I will post it for you in the near future.

Thank you all for staying with me and reading my journeys through the tears, laughs, and what nots that I have shared with you on here.


Natalie said...

Moonflowers are gorgeous! It personally has been a pleasure to be on the journey with you, April.xx

CLAY said...

Ever faithful to your readers, eh Wing Seeker? Brilliant.

Nick James said...

Since we've 'met' I haven't missed a single posting. I hope that shows how much I enjoy you. I'm glad you had time to reflect--bravo on your appearance at the event. Take care!

Snowbrush said...

I once had moonflowers. They are of such beauty that there are non greater. They are in the morning glory family.

Datura...the only datura I recognize is Jimson weed, the original name being Jamestown weed because it drove some early American settlers in that colony insane. it's very beautiful though; a large white trumpet.

findingmywingsinlife said...

Yes they are beautiful. Moon flowers, Jimsonweed,and the many different variations of Datura are all a part of the same botanical family- Datura is commonly mistaken for the flowering plants in the Brugmansia genus, these plants are highly toxic. Of course, Datura is also a bit toxic, but not like Brugmansia's. Both the Datura genus and the Brugmansia genus share the name "Angel's Trumpets" hence the confusion most have with these plants. It should be noted that Datura is more commonly found north of the equator and Brugmansia is found south of it. Both like warmer weather. This is only knowledge I've acquired through reading, so it is possible that I'm wrong on these things.