Monday, March 9, 2009

A Mosaic

I thought,
looking back,
that I was broken.
That it was
me that
was wrong
and unfit.
But as I
gather up
these things
that have fallen,
and place them
in this art
collage of mine,
I realize how beautiful
life's lessons
can make you
I will not
always know
which direction
I should go,
but I will
always try
to see the beauty
that lives around
That gives me hope,
the kind that
can never be
The kind that
makes you believe
in Life


Breeze said...

That's very beautiful and honest.

Thank you for sharing


Natalie said...

That's the ticket! How perfectly put, April.

Love to you.xx

Shadow said...

absolutely beautiful... a fitting read for me today.

Nick James said...

Very nice. I enjoyed!

Lyn said...

To take fallen things and build them into that's something!

Deedee said...

Yes, that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger, huh? You are doing so much wih your life and providing so much for others it's really exemplary. Keep up the good fight!