Saturday, March 7, 2009

Life for Me

I am sitting at Deer Park (local pub)with Triana. No drinking is involved, she knows I'll throw a fit about it right now. But I must admit, a good drink sounds inviting right now...I'll settle for a Coke though, my mood means I don't need a drink. I'm in a bit of an angry mood. Don't ask, just know its not caused by any of you here on Blogger.
Well at least I can say that I'm the only girl who you'll see sitting in a bar with her laptop in front of her. Ha! Yes, I really do have it here with me typing away to get my frustrations out.

This is also the same girl who would have at one time in my life hopped onto the back of a bike with someone just to feel the wind in my face. I love riding motorcycles.. An 883 Harley Hugger lowered a bit so I could flat foot it would be awesome,haven't had the opportunity to do so in a very long time though. I really need to learn to just drive one myself. And then find the money to buy one..**sighs** There is a freedom you can't find anywhere else except on a bike. Makes you feel like you have the means to escape everything- even the depressing things in life.

Speaking of escaping things, if you've never been to New Orleans, I highly recommend it. Such a lively, open, and very musical scene. I loved every minute I was there a few years back. Bourbon street was interesting, although a bit of a culture shock for me at first. And I do believe I actually offended a barkeep when I asked for a Coke instead of a beer. And while you're down there, You should also visit the Musicians Village that was built for the Local musicians by Habitat for Humanity. The locals are quite friendly and spirited. Music is everywhere in that city and I do LOVE music.

Ah well, such is life and now I've rambled on enough..time to go home and sleep.


CLAY said...

Ah, you and Triana seem like such an inseparable pair! Very inspiring--rest well Wing Seeker.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Sounds fantastic - Enjoy your Sunday!

I have an extreme fondness for Harleys too!

Shadow said...

a bike and new orleans, mind if i join you?

Nick James said...

Sounds great.

Take care and sorry you are angry--keep venting. That is what I and all of us are here for!

Triana said...

Ha ha! Inseparable Clay? Not so much inseparable, merely intuned. She has her days of solitude & I, mine. We have our separate lives & surely, ideas of life... we are in many ways extreme opposites. The key is in accepting & acknowledging rather than selfishly taking & changing. She is the best kind of friend to have. I am very lucky (one of the very few lucky instances in my lifetime).