Monday, March 2, 2009

A few laughs to share

I've been losing a lot of sleep lately, so rather than go into the details of my depressing issues... I say lets have a round of some funnies!!! (and then tomorrow we'll return to the next few chapters of my book. Ok?)

Now, I'm going to give you all a funny story- one that Triana and I still laugh at to this day...but please....could you each share something funny as well?...lets all laugh tilll our sides hurt! I think we all could use the medicine....well, I could anyway!

Triana Meet Danny, Danny Meet Triana

Way back when my oldest daughter was only 1, Triana and I had an apartment together, (nothing like two single moms living together trying to make the ends meet). It was the beginnings of our apartment sharing days that cracked me up!

I had just met a guy and things were getting a bit serious between us and I had a fun loving, pretentious, all-out flaming gay friend named Danny-of whom Triana hadn't met yet. Now, it's late, me and my new boyfriend were hanging out in the bedroom- my daughter was at the weekend visit w/ her dad (he actually paid attention to her back then). Triana was in the living room doing her own thing. Everything was going fairly well-except I forgot to tell Triana that Danny was coming over...


Danny knocks on the door, she opens it- and he yells "Suprise!!!! Is April here?!!!" Now, you have to get a mental picture of this- Danny is nearly 7 foot tall, loves goth clothing and dog collars mixed with furry, fuzzy coats (sometimes pink) and high water boots- the form fitting your legs kind with a sole that is at least 2-3inchs thick. And his personality is more "Girlie" than any girl I've ever known in my life. I'm betting her jaw dropped to the floor just as she saw him combined with his "Suprise".
I kid you not gang, she ran back to my bedroom, didn't knock, and burst into my room hyper-ventilating as all get out, saying, "There is a GAAAAY guy standing in our kitchen right now..."
"Oh, its just Danny." I said.
"No, April this is not normal Gay, there is a GAAAY guy, like seriously out there gay guy in our kitchen asking for you..."
"Uh, Triana..I'm a little busy you mind?"
Her face then became beet red as she realized what she had just walked in on...and then she walked out with her hand over her eyebrows..muttering "I'll just wait outside the door then.."

If she thought she was embarrassed, how in the hell do you think I felt having to explain that episode to the new boyfriend...?????


Breeze said...

hilarrrrrrrrrious..hahah..thanks for the giggle!

Triana said...

In my defense, I did rap briefly at the bedroom door & whispered that there was someone special at the door; when there wasn't an immediate response, THEN I came careening into the bedroom hyperventalating. And he was wearing a leapord print coat w/a pink feather boa & MORE! I was simply not prepared to handle ... that form of gay. I have grown since then. I can't leave my own story, as I repeatedly sat on my phone, rather forceflly, after attempted snow boarding efforts for three hrs landed me on my ass, where my phone resided. My phone is, well, not happy... some bttons don't work. "Ewe" being one of them. Imagine how many words I had to change when simply writing this little story.

Nick James said...

That is funny. SUUUUPRISEE!

dianne said...

Thanks for sharing...that was funny.
So what did the new boyfriend think and did he stick around? ♡

Lyn said...

I live for fun! Anything for a laugh, tell me more! Thanks...

CLAY said...

What a riot...I almost hit my head my overhead lamp.

findingmywingsinlife said...

Breeze- glad I could make you laugh

Triana- I forgot about the feather I'm laughing all over again..

Nick- yes it was funny.

Dianne- he thought she was nuts.

Lyn- every once in awhile I can manage to make people laugh, its not often that I seem to be equipped with humor.

Clay- my dear, I hope you didn't hurt yourself and glad you enjoyed the read.