Friday, February 20, 2009

Updates and Acknowledgements..

First my updates, I will be uploading pictures of my painting and the miniature Habitat model tomorrow evening, with the help of my awesome & much more technologically advanced friend Triana :) I'm fairly excited to share these with you each and see what reactions come about. If you like this painting, I may show you others that I've done!!!

A bit of sad news: I had to explain to my 4 year old son about his cat having to make a trip to heaven today( he has been very sick the last few days)...his response nearly broke my heart into tiny pieces, "Momma, What does that mean?" He tried so hard not to cry and wiped his eyes profusely, he is a very smart boy and I could tell he understood what I had said-he just wanted me to take it back.."Honey, this is one of those things in life Momma can't fix. We all have to face this in life sooner or later." Parenting is so hard, trying to choose the right words to help them understand life.

And Now for the Acknowledgements:

Natalie, blog author of Musings from the deep, posted a very thought provoking question:
This is not an award per Se, but after reading her post and thinking on it, I feel that I must acknowledge the people that instantly came to mind. This is the only way I can think of to tell the world how much these peoples blogs, musings, and comments have led me to think that they are some of the most precious creations and honest individuals I have come to know in a very short period of time...
I give you My Dear Clayrn, blog author of M.IV, T.BLU, and The Darrow Repository. Yes I've acknowledged him before, but he is so compelling, so understanding and perceptive of things that I literally take a double take as I read his words and thoughts that he so kindly shares with us. He is without a doubt a beautiful mind worth visiting. (and a plus for me: he gave me the best nickname ever!! He calls me Wing Seeker! that is a hell of alot better than Turtle any Day!)
Triana, blog author of Life, Unassuming & Complicated. Yes, she has been my friend for nearly 15+ years (and she is the only blogger friend I have that I know personally in real life), but I'm learning just as much as you each are as we continue these blog journeys. Did you know, that until she commented on my "Contemplating and over analyzing" post, I never knew she thought my stories were beautiful???? She is very straight forward and speaks her mind as she sees fit...I love her for that honesty.
Rab, blog author of The Seeker in Dreams. He does make me laugh and I could probably debate some of his points all day long with him, just for the heck of it. I'm not entirely sure he'd agree with me on my take on things, but that is the way the world is or should be- accepting others even with their differences from yourself. And he does have an interesting point of view.
Prepare for some laughter and some heart and soul as you are again directed back to Natalie, blog author of Musings from the Deep. This last post isn't the only thing worth reading. She is thoughtful, inquisitive, and leaves comments that make you realize how much she truly cares about the rest of the world.
3 other worthy mentions are Lynette, Nick James, and Alan. Lynette was my very first follower other than Triana and she still gives very good advice with the quotes she picks for her blog and the comments she chooses to leave. Nick, I haven't gotten to know as well because he's a newbie to me, but he is quickly leaving an impression that his mind is an old, wise soul. Alan is also a new one for me to follow. He is quiet, has short posts, but you can tell he ponders things, wonders about things, and he writes music- something I always wanted to learn to do.


Natalie said...

Thanks, April. For once I am speechless!xx Thank You very much.

CLAY said...

I am honored Wing Seeker--You have been very kind to me. One day, I will repay your kindness.

CLAY said...

."Honey, this is one of those things in life Momma can't fix. We all have to face this in life sooner or later."--goodness, you handled that well. I wish I had an adult to explain death to me before I encountered it myself.

Shadow said...

aaaah, poor kitty and hugs to your son!

and thanks for some links to follow this weekend...

Barry said...

Telling a child about the loss of a pet is a heart breaking experience. A necessary life experience, but heart breaking none the less.

Your list of bloggers sounds interesting, I will have to check them out.

Triana said...

Ironic that you had to tell the kids about the kitty (you didn't tell me tho!) & I had to tell Bri about Dixie. She's devestated, and I had to tell her the same thing. Although, the only thing that kept Bri from going into complete meltdown was the fact that she knows how much Dixie meant to me & how deeply it affected me. She tried to be strong and supportive, just like I was for her. 18+ years April, since I was barely 10. What I would have done w/o her...

Nick James said...

Thank you very much! You are so nice--you, too, are making an impression on me.

CLAY said...

Ha! I love awards and things.

findingmywingsinlife said...

You speechless?!!! I don't believe it :)

Your welcome and thank you for the hugs to my son.

You and Dixie..yes what would we have done without that horse!!! And thanks for the help tonight uploading pics!

Yes I agree, it was difficult to have that conversation with him, but it was neccessary that he understand it.

I don't know about being nice, but I try to say what I feel is the truth about those of whom I meet.

No one had explained death to me as a child either...

and now I wonder, what are you up too wherever you are??? These comments make me think I might regret telling the world my thoughts of you !) I wouldn't take my words back though, I meant what I said.