Friday, February 6, 2009

Ten things that Matter to me, Starting with the letter "T"

For Natalie...

Truth is a valueable commodity in a world where it is sometimes hard to find. In the movie "Kingdom of Heaven" with Orlando Bloom, this concept is potrayed best I think. "Speak the truth, even if it leads to your death.."

Try. Try to find to find something beautiful about yourself. Self- confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth are neccessary for everyone; both men and women alike. We achieve more when we can look past our percieved flaws.

Time only goes forward, please remember to use it wisely. Find those you are meant to help, meant to love, and meant to learn from. It is these life journeys that help us grow.

Temptation is sometimes the most difficult challenge in life, but worth overcoming. Just be wary and learn the difference between temptation and a calling- they are not the same things and each serve a different purpose, for they each will lead you down two very different roads in life.

Teach yourself a measure of self control, but learn to relax as it is needed. I'm still learning this one the learning to relax occasionally thing.

Talk with those close to your heart, they will understand you best and help you to work out any frustrations or ideas you may have. A word of caution though, sometimes people are close to you, but not close to your heart- it is you that must be able to see the difference.

Tall. Well the trees are (and I love drawing them) but I, however, am very short. 5' to be exact. Guess I'll have to live with that, don't think any growth spurts will be coming along anymore ;)

Timid I am not, although some have mistaken my somewhat quiet nature for shyness. That's not it at all, I just prefer to observe before joining in the conversation. A wise tongue will listen before speaking.

Temper your patience, for patience will serve you well in life. I have found that for me, I have a lot of patience in some areas of my life and very little patience in others, but like you each are, I am a work in progress

And lastly..

Turtle. There, I said it. One of my nicknames that still some people call me to this day.... perhaps you'll get to learn about how that one came about in the next chronicles...


Kleo said...

It is totally alright that you look at my page. I'm glad I have viewers because I like to share my thoughts-It really is one of the few ways I express myself openly. thank you for having an interest.
And by the way I like this post alot. Its interesting that you used a single letter and applied it to things in your life.

findingmywingsinlife said...

It is a "Letter Game" passed on to me by my good blogger friend Natalie. She chose the letter and I had to come up with ten things about it, if you want to play let me know and I'll think of a letter for you!

Deedee said...

well said! p.s....I'm a shrimp too. Short people rule!

CLAY said...

Ha! Turtle is better than Pucky any day Wing Seeker! Brilliant post dear.