Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Teenage Chronicles:Part 4

"Says she talks to angels, says they all know her name. Oh yeah, She talks to angels. Says they call her out by her name.." a quote from Black Crow's She Talks to Angels

Senior year for me was crucial in many ways. I met a lot of people. I learned a lot of valueable lessons. I got a job at Wal-Mart. And I didn't have quite as strong a bubble as I do now. I was naive enough to believe that it wasn't all that neccessary anymore...

There was one event that occurred in school that just absolutely made me stop and rethink the whole no boys rule. Persistant boy and a friend of his were honored at a school assembly by the mayor and the police department. Why? Because they had run down a thief who had stolen some old lady's purse. Could a guy really care about others? Was it possible that he had really truly liked me all this time?? I knew that not all guys were like the ones I had known in my childhood, but it was hard to make my myself believe it. I was afraid of two things- the worry that I wouldn't know the difference between a good guy and a bad guy and the fear that a good guy wouldn't want me anyway. I never did tell that boy my revelation, but it did give me a freedom I'd never allowed for myself before. I should have read the warning labels...

At home,Phil used to tease me about needing to "burn the rubber off my tires". I was always gone. Before I got my license, Ryan had introduced us (Triana, Eddie, and me) to a group of people in C.C. who hung out at an abandoned lot in town. He didn't live down the street from us for very long. His father and him had a huge fight and so he went to live with his mother. Who lived in C.C. Which is where he met Shaun Phillips and Adam Pletcher. Ah, the many memories of the hilarious, but stupid things we did or the dire trouble some of us got into...

The Lot. that's what everyone in C.C. knew it by. We each had our cars lining that fairly large abondoned lot. I think I actually have some pictures floating around somewhere of the people down there. There is now an Auto & Tire place sitting on that lot. Guess the town got tired of seeing the eyesore of so many young people without something more constructive to do.
The age ranges were wide and varied. Some of them were as old as 25-28, maybe a few 30 somethings and then there were the pipsqueaks like me who had just turned 16 and Triana who was 15. The clothes we wore! there is still a running joke to this day about what sort of apparell Triana would like. Loud, bright, shiny shirts, cut off at the mid section- yes, I begrudgingly admit, she roped me into wearing a few... We could at that time wear the same size shirts and we swapped them all the time.
The things teenagers do when they have no fear. Drinking and a few other things were also a part of the mix, although I never actually drank there on that lot and never, ever have I put any sort of substance other than alcohol in my body willing. But there were a lot of people there that did use a variety of substances.

The people down at the Lot had a couple of things- first everyone had a C.B.(the little radio devices that truckers use alot to communicate and drive at the same time) and we each had a "handle" -a nickname if you will. No, you couldn't come up with your own nickname. And believe me, you were stuck with whatever amused them the most. Oddly enough, Triana never really got a nickname because they all had so much fun, making fun of ,the name she already had.

And that was the start to where Turtle was born. Ryan let it slip about how I seemed to take my time doing things, how my mother liked to refer to me as slow as turtle-hence the name. I was never on the same time frame as others, which is probably why I seem to have infinite amounts of patience in certain things.

Turtle, it stuck to me like a glue you just couldn't get off of you. The endless innuendos those boys could come up with were enough to turn me all sorts of shades of red. I remember the first time I was down there, I had curled my hair (trying to look a little more girly). I overheard many comments directed my way that I will NOT repeat here. And I swear my memory recalls a few stray whistles being let out. They were a loud, boisterous bunch of people.

As I began to warm up to the group, all inhibitions were gone.I hung out mostly with Ryan's group- Shaun (hmm.. I can't remember his nickname right now), Matt (Mork), Adam (Putts), Nate (NateDawg), Donnie, and Katie. Later on in the story you will meet Chris (Warlock), Tyson (Bushy), Kevin (Bigfoot), and a host of others- there really were a lot of people down there at that lot and its hard to recall everyone.

I had a lot of brass if you will. Can you believe I actually stood on top of a car all the way down a street once, while someone else was driving? I skied by the ball hitch in my shoes through a dirt alleyway. I went midnight swimming in a nearby lake My poor car suffered a severe trauma as Ice Man, as he was called, sat his huge frame on the hood of my car one night at the lake. There was literally an imprint of his ass on my hood as wide as my car, complete with the butt crack to match! You cannot believe the laughter everyone got out of that one.
I went to the field parties and went mudding (that's driving your vehicle crazily in someone elses field-kicking up as much mudd as you can.) These were all instances of my stubborn nature...don't ever tell me I won't do something, I'm liable to prove you wrong. I sometimes think my stubborness is also one of my weaknesses. But we did have one hell of a good time!
We also sat up at the truck stop for hours on end thru the night. Eating french fries and ranch dressing, with a bit of coffee thrown in there. Triana and I would listen to the jukebox alot, the song "She talks to Angels" by the Black Crows was our absolute favorite track on that jukebox.
There was no other place open 24 hours, and there was no other place (just like today) where young people could spend their time.They did have an arcade in there. There were many nights that I would drive home at 2-3 in the morning, only to turn around and go to school bright and early in the morning. Remember, there was never a curfew set for us...and when mom realized the implications, it was too late to harness me down.
I sometimes wish I had had better sense back then, because the events that would transpire from this point foward gave me reason to remember the childhood days..reason to remember never put your trust in those who it doesn't belong.


CLAY said...

"I went to the field parties and went mudding (that's driving your vehicle crazily in someone elses field-kicking up as much mudd as you can.)" sounds like you had a whole lot of fun Wing Seeker!

"I was afraid of two things- the worry that I wouldn't know the difference between a good guy and a bad guy and the fear that a good guy wouldn't want me anyway."--it's funny, Gran told me that most good guys kinda feel the same way.

Natalie said...

Definitely. Had the same woes myself.
Ended up marrying two good guys though. :D (though not at the same time!)

Great to read your chronicles, A.
I think turtle is a really cute nickname. xx

Shadow said...

regrets come too late but never forget, they too make you who you are today. great reads!

Triana said...

Ha ha! I had a nickname, just didn't like it! At ALL! Merely a play off my name & nothing to do with my personality. The field parties... Those were a MESS! And so were we...

findingmywingsinlife said...

Yes Triana, we were a mess-but a good compliment to one another's woes.
You know some of the things of the next few parts to my stories- but am I ready to open up those wounds? I'm going to have to think about this further before continuing on...see you at the TV shoot tonight and maybe grab some french fries and ranch dressing (and some serious talking out some things) for the hell of it afterwards????