Monday, February 23, 2009


Someday I will show all my blogger drafts to the people they are for..

Someday I will gather my courage and face the fear I possess in my heart this moment

Someday I will learn to live without so much bubble space

Someday I will do freely the things I love without having to please someone else by not doing them.. .

Someday I will have both books done and share them with the world

Someday I will record all these lyrics I write and learn to play piano

Someday I will learn to share my views without worry that you'll think less of me

Someday I will learn to see the beauty that everyone seems to think I have in me

Someday I will hug those who have been kind enough to say as much to me
Someday I will..

Each day I live, I realize with such urgency that yesterday does not come back, that is why I work so hard to make things beautiful for all of the people I know and don't know. I have so many things I wish to do and so many things I want to share with people... and there are so many things I'll never get done in this short lifetime...but I want to make this a better place for others. A place to share truths and be better because of it, a place to show how much I care because I find it so difficult to show it sometimes, because when given the time to think, I write it down so much better than I can speak it. There are some people who I haven't met yet that I'm positive if I did, I wouldn't be able to say much at first...because that is how they affect me now. They leave me in wonder of the magnificence of the beauty of human nature's ability to overcome life's adversities. The beauty of life rests inside each of us. If my blog has become anything, it has become a place of giving to others. A place for me to give all my love to the world...because the world does need love doesn't it? Surely my love for the world's beauty can make a difference.....these are my two hands, I'll give freely because I could not bring myself to give less..I hope to inspire others to do the same. I cry tears of frustration alot..because I don't feel like I'm doing enough, not nearly enough to help others.

Here is a picture that I found that I think speaks volumes regarding my thoughts I just wrote down, I'd give credit to its creator, but I don't know who that is:

There is a saying that I share with my co-workers when they are nervous about speaking in front of others or when they are not sure that they can convey what they mean. It is:

"Let Myself walk out and let my Cause walk in."


Natalie said...

Exactly! My philosophy also.♥♥ Love to you.xx

Noelle said...

well, my dear it seems you are well on your way!! You go girl!

Triana said...

I know what you mean to say, even when you cannot outright say it. Always remember that.

CLAY said...

Ah..someday. You have plenty of time Wing Seeker, and many friends to fall back upon.

CLAY said...

Don't worry Wing Seeker...How could I fail to follow you? Be at ease my friend.

Nick James said...

Good work!

Shadow said...

oh how i love yor post today. your words echo in my heart for my heart feels the same. you feel like a kindred spirit to me.