Sunday, February 22, 2009

Random odds and ends...

A look at what my brain is trying to digest all at once today:

A young, but good friend of mine has a blog, in fact she called me yesterday to ask why I hadn't mentioned her in my acknowledgements. "Because you asked me not too!" she is one of the best people I know at my work, and while I won't say who she is, I would like to point out her latest post....Let your life speak. As she always does, she gave me much to think about.

Triana, true to our friendship, called me out (a.k.a. proved me wrong) on many things in our philosophical discussions today.. apparently I have built my perception of how love is supposed to work on religious assumptions and societal norms or views (that's according to her). She reminded me that love, among other things, is not bound by the rules we place on it and that our choices don't necessarily coincide with when and where or who you feel this for (we were talking about her current relationship and how it came about)....this conversation in turn led me to explain my view of the Ocean in relation to people to her. I believe when I was done, it was her turn to say I called her out...

In the drive-thru of a local fast food chain today, the guy (who seems to be extremely feminine)taps on my window to hand me my food cause I'm somewhere off in dreamland. I realize he didn't give me my drink and so I tap back on his window..he opens it and here is the following conversation:

"What do you need?"
"You forgot my drink..."
"Oh, uh, yeah. Sorry, I'll get you a large instead of a small. What was it again?"
"Coke" he leaves the window open and talks to me from the pop dispenser...
"Sorry, I forget a lot of things sometimes"
"Its alright, no biggie." I tell him. He then delivers the drink to me, looks contrite and says, "actually it was your radiant beauty as you were starring off somewhere that distracted me."
I'm thinking..You have got to be kidding me right???? Have you looked closely at me today??? I am plaineth frills no fancy smancy stuff. Just me and you're gonna try to say I look radiant. Yeah, ok... but it was a nice thing to say I'll give him that. I told Triana about the incident when we went to the Taj Mahal (Indian food, yummy!!!) know what she said? "You do have an aura about you when get all daydreamy and thinking in your own little world."
"I'm not gonna win this argument am I?"
"Nope." she says, "But when we go to Florida, I'm doing your hair."
"See, I told you I don't look good at all today...proves my point."
She just gave me the "whatever" look.

This morning, my oldest daughter painted her first picture today. I'm actually quite impressed with it. Its not something i would have thought to do, but she is her own person, with her own thoughts, and her own sense of creativity.. I'm looking forward to seeing what she creates next.

I think I'm going to start sharing more chapters of my fiction book, Kipleyarren. Yes, I think I will, and then maybe I'll be ready to share some more chronicles...hmmm, going to have to think some more.

Well, this post definitely gives you a look into the inner workings of my brain, and an insight into how random thoughts seem to flood my mind at the same time..


CLAY said...

"I'm thinking..You have got to be kidding me right???? Have you looked closely at me today??? I am plaineth frills no fancy smancy"

Wing Seeker, perhaps he thought you looked beautiful. We all have different eyes.

findingmywingsinlife said...

Yes Clay, we all do have different eyes.. I didn't mean to sound so ungrateful or condescending.. which after re-reading what I wrote, it probably sounds that way. I have discovered that I love beautiful things..and I struggle with viewing myself as such, which is why I thought the things I did.
Thank you for reminding me that not everyone sees things the way I do...even when it comes to my view of how I must look to others.

I like the new profile pic btw. You are fairly talented yourself you know..

Nick James said...

One of my favorite quotes come to mind...."The invariable mark of wisdom is seeing miraculous in the common."

You aren't common, but perhaps you struggle with feeling otherwise. Find the miracles that you bring to life. Take care!

Triana said...

Wow, the way I remember it we were talking about, oh yeah, that. And I think my words were more along the lines of, "You have a glow when you are in..." Eh, punish me later. I still love ya. Even in ur silly emotional state. You put up with mine more than enough. Oh, I got blown off today. I'm thinkn you are right... I am sad :( I was misled. You didn't mention ur super shiny early birthday present tho...

Nick James said...

I appreciate our randomness today!

findingmywingsinlife said...

Thank you for the several months early bday present Triana...I still don't know what to do with it, I think I'll have to get used to carrying around shiny and flashy...its pretty and I love the engraving on the back, but man what's it gonna look like with me pulling that out to get my Habitat business cards from it???? (for my other readers, she got me a business card holder for my purse, because I am forever trying to look for one in it.)
I still have your christmas present sitting in my living room, I really need to give that to you...or remember to bring it with me every time we go out..

Dave King said...

Treasure that picture of your daughter's. It could be a watershed in her life. And if it's not - treasure it all the more.

Laelah said...

I'm not the only one with the interesting blog--yours is too :) but I have a limited time on this computer so I can't even leave a decent comment or two. *sad face* The quote...people have said it sounded silly so its kind of reassuring when you said you liked it. :) For the last part of your comment "I may be back later to dig a bit deeper into your writings" I'm not sure on what you'll find since I haven't updated on what I think lately. So tred warily... for I'm the kind of person that tends to not like what they've written in the past.

Real Me said...

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Remind me to send you some of those prescribed pills for your complement disorder. Hehe.

But, you know what, I would have reacted the same way.