Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Alrighty then...

Lets get started on another journey...Time to get back on track with things....

So in order to start sharing my fiction book with you all again, I thought I'd give a little run down on a few interesting things...

1) this book I'm working on is meant to be. I'm positive of that. And I don't form strong convictions easily. I've met at least 4 different set of twins in the last month and a half...and twins are the foundational characters of my fiction book.

2) please be advised, I tend to work on many different projects at once, which is why my posts sometimes get very seemingly random- I usually connect the dots eventually..I promise it all will make sense after its all said and done. And fore warning- I usually post each and every day, but these chapters take time, so I may take a breather every now and then... I might revert back to my train of thoughts for intermissions and such....

3) I've gotten more creative lately, I believe in part because of each of you and your kindness and support, but also because I'm starting to realize some things for myself. I have a ton of drawings I've done in the last couple of days.... I believe I'm going in the right direction, even if I'm not sure where that's going to take me.

4) We each are traveling our own life path, but supporting each other with advice, stories, banter, and the like...therefore I'm not entirely sure I'd call us "Followers". More like comrades on an adventure- sharing joys, truimphs, pains, and everything in between.

So what's in the book??
Fairies-several different types
The Guardian- you'll have to follow closely...
The Teagan- these are crucial pieces...
A book called the Litara
A Queen
An Elder
Lost things
Forgotten things
Tigris people (a creation of my own)
other creatures
A Man
Tales of heroics, love, and mystery!!!!!! Whew! Hold on to your hats Ladies and Gents...I'm taking you on an adventure...
There are exactly 2 readers who have already proofed all of my work (my bestest friend Triana and my Co worker Hailey), a third one is still up in the air...but I only ask those I feel comfortable sharing these things with, because I value their opinions.
Want to get started reading??? Read these:


Nick James said...

I tried commenting on the specific chapters. I've read Ch. 1 so far, but I need to get going for now.

I talked about how I can picture this fairy. She is a person you meet and recognize her dispair...she has somethign about her that instantly makes you want to help her.

I like this story a lot and feel you can do something with it. Focus a lot on it, and I will be at your first book signing.

Natalie said...

Promise i will read it, April. Getting tired right now. Be back later.xx

Shadow said...

thank you, you write a riviting preview