Sunday, January 4, 2009

Weekend full of thoughts to review...

I've been really tired lately, always am, but I've never really gotten used to it. I'm not an Insomniac, just have other medical issues that refuse to let me get a good nights sleep and its catching up with me. Ah well, such is life, it could be worse- I could be having issues with walking and the likes.
This weekend, I met up with some friends I hadn't seen in a while (and left the computer at home, a reprieve I don't normally do). Bless them for being who they are and wanting to help fix an issue that I alone will need to deal with. But, all in all, I enjoyed Saturday. I went to lunch with 2 of the most beautiful people I know. Made good on a promise to my friend Deborah. I had said that I would go to her "Saturday" church. It was different, but good. I hadn't stepped inside a church since a teenager for anything other than weddings and what nots. But I am a lady of my word-and so I went. I then went to visit with my friend Triana and had dinner with her. For all her craziness and wayward decisions, I will always enjoy having her around.

Yeah, it wasn't a bad weekend..but I still need to sleep. And I need to ponder some more on the conversations that came up in all the visits and catching up.


crimsonwhiskey said...

I'm not beautiful? Ur other friends are beautiful but I am just crazy & wayward? *crushed soul*

Lol, well ur beautiful to me, so there!

findingmywingsinlife said...

No one ever said that crazy and wayward wasn't also beautiful. Besides, You've been my friend for so long now that you should already know what I think.