Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Traveling, Writing, and Thinking alot

Well this week is traveling week... and it wasn't supposed to start until tomorrow morning. However, the weather around here has a mind of its own and didn't agree with me and so I spent most of the day driving to Bloomington, Indiana to start my mid year site visits. Though it was unexpected (and there are always idiots trying to drive in bad weather who endlessly forget that it snows and hails around here) the night away is welcome, although I'm missing out on a bunch of friends getting together tonight to listen to local musician Hubie Ascraft play, at least that's what I was told on the phone as I pulled into the parking garage here at my hotel :(

Anyway, I think I need the time to myself-the serenity of silence. And while I'm here, I'll work on the chapter I said I'd post and have it posted before I lay my head down for the night. So check back and leave comments on what you think or what could be fixed.

Honestly..I think I know exactly what's wrong with me and I just don't want to say it out loud. As if wanting more out of this life is the most selfish thing to say.


Triana said...

Wanting more out of life is not selfish, it's human nature. Especially for you, that longing to accomplish more & more can be overwhelming, but that is why I'm here as a shoulder, business partner, and adventurist exrodinaire! You're th e peanut butter to my jelly, the bread to my butter, the ying to my yang :) see where I'm going w/this? No worries dear, I'm always here.

Noelle said...

Want more, you deserve it.

Lynette said...

Never criticize yourself for wanting more out of life. For when you cease to strive for more, you begin to settle for less and you end up with less.

Never settle for less.