Saturday, January 17, 2009

Noelle's Interview

Noelle, blog author of A portrait of the Human Heart, has "interviewed me" by emailing me these questions. I'm supposed to not only answer these, but offer to interview any one else who wants me to think of five questions I'd like to see them answer and post on their blog. So here's to interviewing...

1. What is one guilty pleasure that you can not live without?
This is a difficult question to answer, because most of the things I enjoy are things (that when push comes to shove) I really could live without. The only thing I'm pretty sure I can't live without in the here and now, is watching the silly things my kids do as they grow. It's amazing how much they have to teach us.

2. What song do you think defines you the most?
I like a lot of music, so its hard to find just one song that defines me the most. I think I would say "Hands" by Jewel and "Breathe (2 am)" by Anna Nalick. Hands defines my stubborn nature and wantingness to make a difference in the world and 2 am defines my insecurities.

3. If you could leave this life with only one earthly possession, what would you take?
I don't know, I'm not a possessions type of person. Its the intangible things that I value most and therefore would want to take with me into the next life.

4. What is your biggest regret in life?
I think there are some things that I wish I hadn't done, but I wouldn't change them because I've found you learn best from your mistakes. The one thing that I wish hadn't taken me so long to figure out though, is how much it's myself that limits my potential- not others, like we often think before thinking it through.

5. Which do you prefer, a small circle of friends or many acquaintances?

I think a healthy mixture of both is wise; a small circle of friends who hold your trust and confidence, while the many acquaintances you meet along the way can form new friendships, opportunities, viewpoints, opinions, and many other things that can prove to be invalueable. People, whether you agree with them or not, help you to see things with an open mind and can teach more than you thought possible in this journey we all call life.


Noelle said...

I enjoyed reading your answers! I like Anna Nalick, too. I'll have to go listen to the Jewel song. Thanks for playin, that's fun.

Dave King said...

I really got a lot out of that. Thanks.