Friday, January 16, 2009

My Dearest Friend

Thank you for always fillin' up my gas tank when I don't want to stick it out in the cold weather.
Thank you for always offering to repeat what others have said to me and I couldn't hear.
Thank you for always laughing at my sillyness and poking at "the bubble"
Thank you for always giving me criticism when I need it most.
Thank you for always believing in me and encouraging me to keep trying.
Thank you for always teaching me about the sappy side of life.
Thank you for always doing everything it is you do.
Thank you Always. What life would be like without you....I do not know, but I know that having you in it is what makes it better for me.


Triana said...

Dearest friend,

THANK YOU for rushing to my side when tears blinded my path in life. THANK YOU for sitting through shows that you may not always like, just to see my side of life, or to humor me. THANK YOU for having a bubble & being 100% trust worthy inside of that bubble. THANK YOU for not rolling your eyes & disregarding my wild follies. Ok, so you may roll your eyes, but you still stand at my side. THANK YOU for not letting me slide through life precariously without a life raft. But most of all, THANK YOU for LISTENING when others could not hear.

CLAY said...

"Thank you for always doing everything it is you do."--love it, because sometimes you just can't explain what it is. Brilliant post!

Clayrn Darrow