Friday, January 9, 2009

A little piece of peace and comfort

My youngest daughter, 2 years old, is sick (a touch of the flu I think) and has been curled up next to me most of the evening. She bent her head upwards to ask me if she could hold my hand, just as she realized her sleepy eyes were getting to heavy for her fight. And there we laid together. How easy it is for children to believe that parents have all the magic in the world and can make their world better in the blink of an eye. These are the moments that both terrify me and comfort me at the same time. Terrifying in knowing that I am only human and will make mistakes at this and comforting in realizing that for now she's content with just holding my hand and letting me love her. And I found a peace in being able to give her that. Surely tomorrow's parental worries that come as each of my children grow can wait until then?


Dave King said...

I remember that terror.

Triana said...

As both of our oldest children will be turning 10 this year, I know u can relate to this: the fright that one day she will realize that I just don't have that magic anymore, combined with the torture of physical pain when she flops her nearly 80 lbs on me in despair of whatever has troubled her at the moment.