Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lessons for the Heart

I will grow,
I will learn from this.
I will understand one day
the meaning of this.
I will not falter so much
that I cannot move forward.
I will ride this out until
we decide what fate is ours to take.
I will not allow my soul
to be damaged beyond repair.
I will grow and learn from this,
And if, in the end
You decide another path,
then surely that is your right.
I do not want you
to live unhappy-even if I must find
my way...alone.
I will grow and I must learn from this.


Colonel Brandon said...

Ms. FindingMyWingsInLife,

Methinks, one might be feeling sentiments within, one might prefer without. I will take on the task this day of reading carefully that which you have written in the last week & enter my commentaries, if any, in due course. I can only commend you to plunge one's fingers into the earth for the moment & feel therein the neutral 'otherness' so always present. I bid you a peaceful day.

I remain, &c.
Your most humble & obedient servant.
Colonel Brandon.
Nature Diary

Beloved Dreamer said...

Hello friend, I like this poem very much. I found it to be both hopeful in a time of great needs. Not just in my own life but this little planet we all live on.Well done my friend.


justin manas prince jaspher ligin said...

something is there in this poem, definitely it will inspire the heart of the readers.. excellent