Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Journey of New Days

or you could say a New Year for New Days. I like both. Either way, to have a new year, you must learn to make new days.
I had tried to post this yesterday. The internet connection did not cooperate with me after 5 or 6 attempts at it, so I gave up. I had literally tried to write exactly what I was thinking as I tried to help myself understand the obsurdity of celebrating only one day with such fervor as opposed to celebrating everyday with that same passion. Only to have it all disappear each time the connection was lost! It was so frustrating.
I really don't like it when technology gets in the way of my thinking....


Lynette said...

" have a new year, you must learn to make new days."

I REALLY like that!

crimsonwhiskey said...

My dearest, this is why I type in notepad or something similar & then cut & paste it into blogger.

Anyway, I agree on the New Year fervor, which is why I boycott NYE. I prefer to celebrate EVERYday ; ) Furthermore, why must we pick one day a year to resolve to make our lives better? Any day is a good day for change!