Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Interesting solutions...


This article, while not wrapped in pretty packaged wording (nothing on Violent Acres is), does make a hell of a lot of sense, even if my own stubborness refuses to acknowledge it. I have tried this (just didn't know anyone else had thought of it until after reading this) and it works..to a point.

As long as the only peace within the marriage that you're trying to find is with the daily chores, then this works great. But after that, good luck, 'cause then your talking about personality changes, personal habits, and physchological things that neither of you can change in the other person. That's a change only they can do, only if they know its a problem, and only then if they want to. You'll either learn to accept them or you won't. In which case you won't be able to stay in the marriage happily or you won't stay sane for long...at least that's my theory for the day...I've been known to be wrong, so maybe I'm way off mark on this one.

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