Friday, January 23, 2009

I could say today was another day...

but I won't. It was actually kind of funny! (in a humility and humbled embarrassment sort of way).

1. I cut myself on a file folder I was working with. The kind that you have to use a two hole punch at the top of your papers in order to stick them over the metal tabs. It was the metal tabs that got me...and I didn't even feel it! I should have felt it though, it cut a little deep. All the while I sat at my desk, saying this out loud to myself and both my boss and my other co-worker ignored me-because I sounded like an idiot talking to myself :)

2. If you can't laugh over this one, somethings wrong. My boss walked into the bathroom as I was using it. Dummy me didn't push in the lock... and God,the comedian that he is, had to make women have menstual cycles.... I'm sure my boss was scarred for life more than I was.

Oddlly enough, it all made me feel normal. I don't normally post such things, but here in the last week or so I've been breaking that rule of mine. I've been sharing deeper things lately, I'm not sure how I feel about that but- I already let the cat out of the bag, so there's no way around it now.

I feel much better about things on the home front as well (or at least got a better handle on things) and I added yet another chapter to this fiction book of mine. Sorry guys, but its far from done. Noelle, Clay, Lynette, Colonel, Dave, Gary, and Triana- thank you for your blogs and commentaries, you each have given me much to be inspired once again and help me (whether or not that was you intention) to learn to believe in myself. I hope you each continue to share your thoughts, musings, and whatever else you happen to be thinking of on your blogs. Oh, and Kris, bless you for being a man on the other side of the world , of whom I know nothing about, who understands the echo of screaming kids long after it has stopped.


Lynette said...

Oh I HATE those file folder cuts! GRRRR!!! Those are a REAL BITCH!

And I'm very humbled. Thank you. I feel the same about you. I really appreciate your thoughts as well as your comments.

CLAY said...

Yes..those most trivial of objects can cause the greatest grief. And you are a dynamic women-give yourself more credit Wing Seeker. You will reach your dreams , but you must realize that you have already attained them.

Ever Yours,
Clayrn Darrow