Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Empirical or Conceptual???

I went to a local pub, Deer Park, in Fort Wayne last night to visit with my friend Triana (and review our TV production for tonight) and to hear Trent Boston play-he's a local musician here in my small town of Columbia City who ought to be out touring w/ Third Day or something, he's that good.
Anyways, there was a fellow in there who decided he needed to sit beside me and introduce himself. Henry he said his name was. He was, well drunk...but a nice soul. I did have to continually explain the whole bubble space of mine (to be a future blog, but the short explanation is that I just don't like people getting too close or personal with me) but for the most part he was intelligent and young- the kind you could tell would have many life lessons to learn. He was from California, the southern end no less, and he chose to move here, to Fort Wayne-where it snows!!! And gets cold!!!!! The interesting part was how intuitive or maybe interpretive would be the correct way to say it that he was. I showed him my blog and of course Triana's blog and do you know what he said??

"I must be an empirical type of person, whilst my friend was a conceptual." I died laughing, not because of what he said but because of how it was said. I simply turned and said to Triana "Are you sure someone didn't just stuff you into a strange Asian boy's body who was by chance from California?" The poor guy had no way to know that the only reason I was so friendly was because he really did remind me so much of her, who is my best friend in the whole world. Isn't it interesting the people you meet on random intervals?


Triana said...

First I must say, anyone who listens to music, find trentbostonmusic on myspace, you'll be in love :)~

Now, no April, I am not, nor have I ever been, stuffed n2 a strange male Asian's body, but he was quite entertaining! Oh, the fun ppl we find!

findingmywingsinlife said...

You don't say???