Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Chapter to Share with You

Here is one of the chapters, I may change things as this is a very rough draft, but I think I may have this be the first chapter of the book. Read on, enjoy, and please leave your feedback so that I may learn and revise things as needed.

The Last Elder

A chapter of Kipleyarren
Authored by: April L. Gerard
(aka findingmywingsinlife)
All rights reserved and retained by author

Her back stooped slightly over as she labored to walk the lane to her home. The silky sheen of her once beautiful wings that had been the talk of envious fairies, were now faded to a milky white gray that matched her long tresses atop her head. She moved with a simple grace that belied she could still be young yet, if only in the wits of her mind. That was something she was sincerely grateful for. Though her body showed the weathered signs of an aging woman, her mind and tongue never wavered. She still had presence of mind to speak her peace when and where it was needed, and she never seemed to lose her ability to discern the best way to go about a conversation that for some, would overrun and overwhelm them.
She let her eyes rest on her garden up ahead, just to the side of her home. Oh, what beauty nature seemed to bring her way each time she carefully pruned and prodded her plants, as if they were her children who could never quite be forgotten. Children, she mused to herself, so much like those around her these days. Her thoughts wandered to history, long forgotten by those to young to know what has been lost to the knowledge of the living races. The fairies no longer knew what should have been held dear to their hearts. Her thoughts wrapped around a time, long ago, when she was a mere little girl. A time when she was barely able to learn to fly…..

It was the time of the Melorins, the rulers of the Fairie people. Vaelry Melorin was Queen and her husband Brenowen was King. Vaelry and Brenowen had been born as all Leihn Faries were. They each had Nelayhs (Nay-lays), oval bonelike protrusions circling their wrists, ankles (like bracelets), and their heads like crowns. No other fairy creatures, save for the Leihn Faries had them. But then, each of the fairy races were known for different reasons. The difference between Vaelry and other Leihn Faries however, laid in those Nelayhs. It was where her bloodline’s power could be found.
In the very center of her forehead was the largest of ovals, colored a light yellow, as were the rest of her protrusions. She was fair skinned, light haired, and armed with compassion for all life forms that occupied Kipleyarren. Like many of the Liehns throughout time, lineage was traced through the women of Fairies, not through the men and thus Vaelry’s colored protrusions represented the powers passed on to her through her bloodlines. The Melorin Bloodline. Green gave the gift of healing and sometimes the gift to talk to, as well as, understand all life forms. Yellow, such as hers, gave the gift of intuition and foresight. Red was the gift of light and fire. And then there was the last color, Blue. Blue was the strongest of all the powers within this bloodline. It gave the gift of wisdom and a host of many other abilities that are largely unknown because so few of the Melorins were endowed with it. In fact, only two had been born with Blue in the history of all the Fairies. Of those two, Vaelry’s great-great-great grandmother Radena Melorin, was the last to wield its power.
Vaelry and Brenowen had defeated the Human Empress Bettina and Fairie Warlord Andermon. Bettina had entered into an agreement with the wretched warlord to divide the lands amongst one another, in order to enlist his help to engage in war with each race and nation. Their intentions were to rule all without mercy. Bettina was set on gaining power over all life forms living on the west side of Kipleyarren, while Andermon would control the east. She sought out those who would follow her and persecuted those who spoke out against her. In her mind, she was the great ruler of all time, but in reality she cruel, vain, and power hungry.
After the wars, the Empress had enslaved the Tigris people and ordered all sprites to be captured and handed over to Andermon. The Tigris people were human-like in form. They did not have wings like the Fairies or the Sprites, but their skin was various shades of brown with stripes similar to that of a tiger, hence the name “Tigris People”. They were hunters of the forests and wielded the loyalty of one of the most impressive creatures in Kipleyarren, the Griffins. Tigris’ were gentle at heart but usually kept themselves well reserved and commanded a measure of respect from all who meet them, though they never asked for it. When they were enslaved by the Empress, it was clearly an insult to their entire Nation.
The Sprites, however, were tiny creatures. They stood only four to five inches tall and had translucent, slender wings attached to their backs. Many of the Sprites were regarded as friendly and knowledgeable. They resided here and there amongst each of the races and one could see them observing or accompanying friends of the other races, friendship held no boundaries for them. The Sprites were, essentially, the oldest known creatures of Kipleyarren. They were known to live extremely long lives, some lasting as long as 900 some years and were the common thread that existed between all the races. For them to be captured and handed over, and ultimately killed in one way or another, was to unravel the precious fabric that held every human, tigris, sprite, and fairie together in the land of Kipleyarren.
The Elder’s thoughts wandered back to the present. She pondered the years since those incredibly dark times. Things have been moving forward it seems. The inhabitants of Kipleyarren have become more aware of one another, yet drawn further apart trying to escape their differences born out of fear and/or ignorance. The Elder paused for a moment, though Valerie and Brenowen had finally brought an end to the terror raging through the land at that time, no one could have guessed at extent of the devastation created by two of the most vain and powerful leaders of their time. The impact, the Elder guessed, was not fully comprehended then, nor, has it been since. She feared that the current climate of events has taken a decidedly dangerous turn, caused from years of mistrust, deception, and discrimination amongst each of the races that had its seeds laid in those dark ages. And recently, the Elder discovered another plot of power hungry individuals. Though time has passed, evil had found it roots in a new set of hands. It was time to find those who would fulfill a destiny laid out many, many years ago…..


Noelle said...

I like this, makes me wonder what comes next...

CLAY said...

"The fairies no longer knew what should have been held dear to their hearts. Her thoughts wrapped around a time, long ago, when she was a mere little girl. A time when she was barely able to learn to fly….."

You are dancing upon my intellect and imagination Wing-Seeker! Brilliant!

"the Griffins"--Most majestic of creatures!

"Though time has passed, evil had found it roots in a new set of hands. It was time to find those who would fulfill a destiny laid out many, many years ago….."
This is magnificent--you must publish--will you publish?! I am thirsty for more of this narrative..

Clayrn Darrow

findingmywingsinlife said...

Noelle, Thank you. That is a sentiment that some of my close friends here at home have also said.

Clay, yes I'd like to publish. But the first step is to finish this first manuscript. And it is a very slow going **sighing**. I also need to learn about queries and the search for a good literary agent. Publishing, is for the most part a daunting process that I am just beginning to understand. Also, I am just now realizing the competition out there. There are many, many people besides myself who wish to one day be the next up and coming author listed on the best sellers (although I admit, I dream a little bigger in this department, as I want to show the world that America can turn out great novels too, not just J.K. Rowling). Here on Blogger even, I've come across many talented writers who are better at this than I am and who are to my knowledge, unpublished. But, if I had my choice in things, I'd choose Del Rey publishing for my publisher and Jodi Reamer for my agent. Del Rey because that's who publishes Terry Brooks, a favorite author of mine, whose imagination still to this day captivates me and Jodi Reamer for the excellent way she has represented Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series. That woman works hard at what she does.

Shadow said...

a lovely introduction...

Natalie said...

Wonderful, April. LURVE fairies.xx