Monday, January 12, 2009

Beautiful pieces

I've been sitting here, thinking over my thoughts and writings. It occurred to me that I should take some time and review what I consider to be some of the most beautiful pieces of life and my reasoning for thinking so. So, here they are:

1. Letting your eyes take it all in. Doesn't it sometimes stir in you a strange curiosity and wonder when you just look at the world in front of you? It truly defies the concept of what we think we see and how we see it.

2. Hearing laughter and enjoying it yourself. Laughter has got to be one of the most delightful experiences we as human get. May we all enjoy some healthy laughter in our lives.

3. Friendship. Never was there something more needed or neccessary for us as humans experiencing a world full of ups and downs. To have at least one friend who maybe doesn't always understand you, but accepts you anyway- now there is something to be truly grateful for.

4. Lessons from a broken heart. I know that there are many people who would disagree with me on this one, but, hear me out. Without experiencing such a pain and loss, could we truly understand it? Would we allow ourselves to grow into something more, opening up to other insights without such experience and thus, enabling us to grow and be more thoughtful of what it is we seek and how to treat another soul? No, I don't think we can grow into such beauty without first recognizing the lessons from a broken heart.

5. The peaceful serenity of silence. Nothing can replace the parts of yourself you find when in silence with your own thoughts. Silence seems to give a clarity of being able to sort out things you couldn't otherwise because of the clutter of unneccessary sounds. I am partially deaf and found to my disliking the sounds that invaded my being the first time I ever wore hearing aids. I had never before heard the sounds of an air conditioner running, the quiet hum and buzz of a computer, the various noises the emit from cars (other than just the zoom as they pass), and a host of very unneccessary noises that fog up the brain. Those are the sounds that so many ignore and quite frankly don't even realize are there until they find a place of solitude. Such silence is good for the soul.

6. The electric shock of chemistry. A very rare, but passionate experience that everyone should have the opportunity to not only find, but keep. I can't explain this one as well for a lot of reasons, but just know that it is beautiful in my book. Now finding it...there's not a lot of help I give on that one.

7. Live music. Nothing spells out human emotions like music does. What beautiful creatures we must be to able to make such wonderful sounds (not the unneccessary ones though, I'm not counting those).

So, that is my list for now. What is yours?


Dave King said...

I wouldn't disagree with you on any of your choices, but the ones that resonate with me the most are Letting your eyes take it all in and
The peaceful serenity of silence.

Gary said...

Beautiful post. It fits in with how I choose to live my live and how I see the world. Wonderful that you put this into words because that gives it more weight somehow.

Thanks for visiting my blog, I appreciate it. I'll be back to check on yours as well. Happy 2009!

Colonel Brandon said...

Ms. Findingmywingsinlife,

I heartily agree with the selection that you have made. I am particularly aware in my daily life of point five on your list ; affect'd as I am in no little way by the most annoying irritation that I am aware of today, that of noise pollution. Man-made noise from machinery & the new vehicular carriages seems to be everywhere, does it not? I have tried cotton wool in my ears, kerchiefs, e'en my two forefingers insert'd into my ears most firmly, & yet still the hubbub of noise persists. Then there is the irritation too, of people speaking. Everywhere people chatting, shouting, laughing, coughing, muttering, sniffing, whispering & conversing. Not always, in fact, engaging in informative speech either but, more often than not, in the most mundane, trivial & unnecessary. For some, there is almost a pride taken to engage in those chatty discourses of the most tedious & unimportant kind. I must confess, that the only time I could truly admit to enjoying complete silence was when I was on my travels thru' France & ventur'd upon the Dômes de Miage ridges of 12000 feet altitude on the west side of the Mont Blanc. Only then, as I look'd out across the white snowy & most desolate expanse could I truly say that there was silence all about me. The silence was absolute. It was beautiful. E'en one's breath becomes inaudible, a short while after standing still. I must go there again soon! Well, I must go now. I wish you a Very Good Evening.

I remain, &c.
Colonel Brandon.
Nature Diary

Lynette said...

#4 & #7 Broken hearts and music. I relate so to those.