Thursday, December 18, 2008

Opportunites at Hand

You know, if there is one mistake I refuse to make again its, well ok there are a couple of them I've done that I refuse to do again- but today its about seizing the moment. Let me explain:

I went to the Shinedown concert at Piere's in Fort Wayne, this past tuesday with my best friend Triana (Try-Anna). I love music and Shinedown has some very damn good, thought provoking lyrics. I found myself thinking about how incredibly intelligent this band must be- the lead singer, Brent Smith, is not only a good muscian but an inspirational speaker as well. I was quite thrilled to hear someone else say aloud to a ton of people how important dreams really are. I couldn't have said it better myself (see my Crusade of Dreams blog for more info). My friend and I stuck around for a while after the show. She's more socially inclined than I am and wanted to mingle. She spotted one of their guitarists and made a beeline for his direction.
Now, I had two of my business cards for Habitat in my back pocket and I was totally prepared to give one to this guy except he looked so tired and weary. I felt bad for even stopping him. He was very kind about it though and polite- saying he just got done w a 5hr tat b4 the show. In my worries about letting the guy go and get some rest, I forgot about the cards in my pocket. I didn't even catch his name (he said it, but I don't hear well, which is why I don't socialize w/o someone else with me). A missed opportunity to network with a really cool band for Habitat... not a mistake I'm willing to make again. But then, if I understand correctly, they've been touring pretty hard since May. Hope you guys have an awesome Christmas and Brent-enjoy the son's birthday- they don't stay little for long.

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