Friday, November 7, 2008

What Moms are or aren't....

Moms are
supposed to be a friend,
a confidant of whom you can trust,
a person of more wisdom, and
someone who can point in the right
direction, the path that should be chosen.
Moms are not
supposed to ask for advice on sex
from their children, or
forget they have grandchildren, or
become biligerent and incoherent
around those who try to please them.
Moms should
love their children, be independant, and
hold together their family
as though we really are
Moms should not
be irrational, unpleasant, or
never satisfied because woe is
the life they chose.

Try telling the world of farie tales and social cultures, that mothers are,
every bit as human as we try so adamently to forget.

Just as Prince Charming never exists, neither does the picture perfect

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crimsonwhiskey said...

I am heart broken. There is no prince charming?