Friday, November 21, 2008

Remember to smile a little... or Laugh alot!

My 3 year old son is quite the character some days. But he loves to love people. This morning as all of us were getting around, he pipes up, "I'm your only son right Mom?" and of course I said, "Yes, your my only son."
"Soooo.. I don't have any brothers?" His look was one of disappointment.
"No honey, you don't have any brothers, only two sisters." Where is he going with this, I wonder. His next answer, combined with his look of "I've solved it all Mom" had me rolling (only a child would think it could be so easy)
" That's alright mom,"he says cheerily,"You can just buy me one!" as if babies were somewhere in a store waiting to be bought and loved..... I didn't have the heart to tell him that Daddy's surgery today was to prevent any possibility of more kids popping up. I simply smiled and chuckled at him, shook my head, and said, "Sweetie, it doesn't quite work that way."

Monday, November 17, 2008

I haven't got it all figured out...

At least not yet!

But dang it all, I do try. In case you haven't figured out, I'm referring to this thing we call life.

Recently,My friend's mother just had a large tumor (roughly larger than a plum) removed from her brain. We are currently waiting to find out whether or not its cancerous, or just a benign lump of doesn't belong in someone's brain. I seem to be encountering a lot of people with different health or mental issues these days. And quite frankly, its depressing. When it rains, it pours, or so they say. But they never bothered to mention the flood that rises up and tries its hardest to sweep you away lest you be caught unawares.

And so goes life, with all its unexpectedness and bumps and trials. Some things bring tears, some things bring smiles, and other things shape who you are, define the person, and the choices you choose to make. I think that's why so many people have a hard time with things. They still envision a life of meaning tied to a life of happiness. Honestly, I'm almost convinced that you can't have both. But then like I said before, I haven't got it all figured out yet.

Friday, November 7, 2008

What Moms are or aren't....

Moms are
supposed to be a friend,
a confidant of whom you can trust,
a person of more wisdom, and
someone who can point in the right
direction, the path that should be chosen.
Moms are not
supposed to ask for advice on sex
from their children, or
forget they have grandchildren, or
become biligerent and incoherent
around those who try to please them.
Moms should
love their children, be independant, and
hold together their family
as though we really are
Moms should not
be irrational, unpleasant, or
never satisfied because woe is
the life they chose.

Try telling the world of farie tales and social cultures, that mothers are,
every bit as human as we try so adamently to forget.

Just as Prince Charming never exists, neither does the picture perfect

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Upside down, wrong side out, but maybe the right Direction???

My friend is a mess (who isn't these days) but she truly struggles with her place in life. We've been swapping stories of the newest developments in our lives.. and it got me to thinking on the philisophical side of life. Her sense of direction undoubtedly has never seen a compass (if your judging by outward appearances of what her choices may look like to someone else)but it seems to me as I look back that maybe her wayward choices were neccessary. A catalyst of simply being the very road she really needs to travel to straighten herself out. Is she finally grabbing onto something to shape a future of meaning or are we gearing up for another perceived failure that will confront her already fragile mindset??? I vote she's finally moving in a good direction and finding herself somewhere in the process.

So, as I sit here an ponder my thoughts for the day, here is a comic that depicts a lot of the frustrations that both my friend and the rest of the world have with attempted relationships...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My life as it is

The crazy roller coaster ride of mine failed to mention that I might not be able to turn back, pause, or rewind and fix the cart. Damn! and I thought maybe I could just skip the freak weeks!

So, I've been extremely busy with momentous emotional highs and seriously fall off a cliff lows. I had a good friend of mine manage to make me gush with tears in private over a hateful email she sent me because I couldn't do what she was asking out of me and another who consoled me over the phone that very night because I was miles away from any friends of family. She reminded me how much someone could give back in the way of friendship.

I proceeded cautiously through the week and traveled the state of Indiana to visit and train various Habitat for Humanity affiliate staff members. By the time I managed to come back to the home town, a friend of mine had passed away. She was 27, had had two heart transplants, an artificial heart pump, and 3 boys 7,6,&5 who were left behind with only memories. I went to her funeral that Wedsnesday, recieved a call at the funeral home that my 93 year old grandpa (papaw to me) was in the hospital with some sort of heart failure. And so I leave to visit him. In the midst of the hospital visit, I recieved an invitation to attend the Obama rally in Indianapolis. Soooo, the good mother somewhere in me ,made the trek down there with my 8 year old daughter in tow, along with my friend Triana and her son, all because our children are early political activists and were infatuated with the now president elect Barack Obama. The look on my daughter's face as she watched him speak was priceless, but marred with the knowledge that my friend who had passed away would never get to do such a thing for her boys.

Life throws a lot of wrenches into the game, the question is how do you manage to keep them from hitting you at top speed, bruising you like a freight train, or catch them as they pass to use as tools to teach, fix, or repair an already fragile lifeline???

Apparently I must love roller coasters these days....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

As Promised

As promised, a comic for my previous blog...