Thursday, April 3, 2008


Well, last week I spent the majority of my time in the hospital. the upside of the situation? I was able to think. I thought about my mom and the stress involved with her care, I thought about my daughter and what my current decisions will mean for our future relationship with each other, and I thought about my own ambitions, desires really. I've had a few tell me that all these things are probably why I got so sick in the first place. I have to admit, the stress probably had some to do with it, but I don't feel they were the cause of it- just a catalyst of it.
So there I was laying in a hospital bed, an IV hooked up to me, and Jello as my only source of food ( they would not let me eat real food the entire week). I remembered what was said at the last leadership class that I had, or rather what the speaker said- we should find a way to do what has always "whispered" to us. Now, you should know, I did share my personal goals and life mission with everyone that day. I really truly felt I was already on the path of doing what Whispered to me. And I still intend to make those goals happen, in fact I think they will be the catalyst to help me obtain my ultimate goal. Its an important goal that I left out, the one I carried with me as a child and still ponder ways to make it happen even now. So I'm going to do it. I'm going to publish (and make money doing it) both books and records. I want to be the liason that helps others showcase their artistic talents. It will take baby steps today to find that big dream tomorrow but I'm willing to do it. I will not let my whispers fade away.

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